6 Best Travel Planning Apps

Technology has revolutionised the landscape of every industry, and the travelling sector is no different. The days of relying on travel agencies to make travel plans are long gone. Instead, people nowadays prefer a more affordable option using an easy and user-friendly mobile app, all thanks to the availability of digital resources.

Downloading the right app can make a huge difference between a meh trip and a memorable one. You can purchase flights, arrange lodgings, and even reserve a table at a beachside restaurant using nothing more than the device in the palm of your hands. So, here are the six best travel planning apps to get you on the go:

1. TripIt

Trip It is a smart, user-friendly, all-inclusive trip planning app that allows you to personalise your very own itineraries. Simply send arrangements and bookings to a designated email address, and it will generate an itinerary for your upcoming travels. No internet connection during your trip? Worry not! You can easily check the app to see where you need to go on the following day or week.

Other unique advantages include sharing your trip arrangements with the people you will meet at the airport or railway station, as well as those who will accompany you. In addition, if you pay $49 a year for the Pro edition, you will get real-time flight alerts, terminal notifications, baggage information, and updates on your loyalty reward programs.

2. Skyscanner

Don’t know where to book flights and accommodation? Fret not, Skyscanner has got you covered. The best part is, you can even rent cars too! Skyscanner scans its partners for the most inexpensive and finest selections. So, you can quickly search for the cheapest dates to travel, hotels to book, and vehicles to rent. You will also be notified when prices change.

If you have been debating where your journey will be, Skyscanner has a designated segment that allows you to find the best deals from your local airport, as well as a tailored list of affordable places. Furthermore, the app’s most recent version lets you know which destinations have minimal entrance requirements, so you no longer have to search the net for them.

3. Airbnb

As people start ramping up their travel plans and finding a place to stay, you will need this app on your Xiaomi phone. Airbnb offers a variety of accommodations ranging from studios, mini rooms, and even an entire apartment in your preferred location.

You can always sort through your options based on reviews, home types and other amenities like gym, dryers, and more. Airbnb is easy to navigate and perfect for managing your travels while on the road. Once you have made a reservation, you can browse and enjoy local activities, such as bungee jumping, hikes, and concerts.

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4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor prioritises getaways over business trips and is known as the stalwart of the travelling industry. The interface of the app contains a plethora of beautiful resorts and other rental properties, as well as several recommendations for top attractions and popular tours. It also has sections for searching for things to do, booking at place to eat, and discovering shopping places.

With the app, you can always connect with friends and travel professionals for recommendations tailored to your specific interests. You also get unlimited access to travelling videos and posts. Another plus is easily accessible through your personal mobile phone or even a business laptop.

5. Kayak

Kayak takes pride in locating excellent bargains on all kinds of transportation, as well as lodgings, excursions, and vacation packages. All you must do is just key in your chosen means of transportation, either by land, sea or air, and Kayak will lay out all the alternatives for you to pick.

Kayak also allows you to add a profusion of filters, consolidate your plans, track pricing, and share your plans with your loved ones. To make it even better, Kayak provides up-to-date information on security wait times, airport terminal diagrams, and measures your baggage using your phone’s camera, notifying you of possible costs and carry-on limitations for most airlines.

6. Roadtrippers

Now there is no need to carry voluminous guidebooks and maps. The newest invention for facilitating easy navigation is, you guessed it right, Roadtrippers. It is ideal for planning that grand road trip you have always wanted to take, as it not only plots your driving itinerary but also allows you to book hotels and entertainment along the way.

You can also upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus for only $29.99/year. The upgrade blocks advertisements, help to schedule longer journeys, provides live traffic reports, unlocks special bargains and more. It is a terrific alternative for regular users, while the free version is sufficient in most cases, especially if you do not travel much.


Nowadays, travel offices, travel guides, and physical maps have all been switched to an all-in-one mobile app that can be accessed anywhere and anytime without limit. Travellers can now leverage these apps to purchase online tickets, make reservations, locate tourist landmarks, and discover new destinations within minutes. There is always an app for whatever you need when you hit the ground. All you have to do is just find it!

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