Best Backpage Alternatives: Try These Sites Like Backpage To Buy & Sell Online

What Is Backpage

Backpage was one of the most popular classified online portals for buy & sell across the world, especially in the United States Of America. It was founded by the Atlantische Bedrijven CV in 2004. But now it is seized by the Authorities of USA for promoting 18+ adultery business in the USA. After the craigslist, Backpage was the second popular classified network with millions of monthly users.

It was not the first time when Backpage was being accused of promoting Adultery. In 2017 after lots of trouble and arrest of official members they have to remove the Adult section from their site. But what they did, they just transfer the Adult section to under the dating and started posting an adult advertisement in a different way. Now they use words like “Looking for a partner for the date” “sugar baby” etc. And as a result finally in the 2018 Backpage was seized by the USA government for promoting adultery. Even they were not the only, craigslist has to also remove the Adult section form the site to make themselves safe.

Backpage Alternatives


If you are one of the backpage users who is now searching for any alternatives to Backpage after it gets seized then you will be definitely heard the name of the Craigslist. Which is the most significant Backpage alternatives for buying and selling online? But in case you never visited this site before, it is a much older classified site than backpage where you can make deals globally for free. The site is free so you do not need to pay anything.


Kijiji can be also a good option for you where you can easily place classified advertisements.  Especially for the Canadians, it is a much useful website and very popular there. It is having millions of users each month who visit the site to trade online. Creating and publishing a classified ad is completely free like other classified sites. Even in the case, you want to promote your ad for a better result then you can go for the paid advertisement. Otherwise, the site is free to the user.

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In the list of best Backpage alternatives 2018 OLX can be also a good option for the users, but the problem is site is limited to the territories of India. In India, it is very popular for selling or buying old goods at good rates. Using the site is very easy because of its user-friendly interface. Yes, the site is not old like Backpage or Craigslist but in term of users and popularity site is amazing which can provide you some better results.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads, it is having a much similar look to  Backpage. The site is much faster than other classified websites and in comparison, their interface is much easier. You can find all the categories at one place on the Homepage, and there you can also find the many of the other listings. Publishing the ads are easy and free, it does not needed any kind of subscription or payment.


After the Backpage mostly USA users are affected, so if you are in the USA then you can try this site “Geebo”. The site is offering ads in all of the popular categories, each month millions of users post here online classified ads to get some business and in exchange, they get a good response. There are many filter options to find a good deal near you, you just select your city to get all classified offer near you. Not just classified, it is also good for the Job search, other local services.


OODLE is also a known classified ad network and best for puppies buyers and seller. Except for puppies site also offer other products & service offers. The site is having many category options where you can place ads for free.


Quikr was initially the Indian version of Kijiji which launched in 2005, and it was having the domain “Kijiji.IN” Later in 2008 site constricted again and released as Quikr in India. It only deals in the cities of India. In the year of 2016, Quikr purchased the real estate site and merge it into the Quikrhomes.

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