Best proxy browser apps

All desktop browsers have a privacy option. It is something that has been there for a long time. Now almost every browser has this feature. The mobile browsers followed this. Many big names like Firefox and Chrome included the Incognito mode. It functioned in the same way as in the desktop.

However, for many, this is not sufficient, and they want complete privacy as soon as they open the Android browser. There are, however, many apps that are tailored especially to give you a secure experience.

The proxy app

Here are some of the popular anonymous apps that you can use.

Firefox Focus

Best proxy browser apps
Best proxy browser apps

Firefox is a vast player and a popular browser. The standard web browser of Firefox is a popular operating system. Firefox Focus is totally on privacy. One of the significant threat to offering complete privacy is locally targeted ads. Firefox focus makes sure that in no way these ads can track the user in any form or shape.

Firefox allows you to decide which tracker to block and which of them to allow. So suppose that you want to keep the tracker of social media available to share easily then you can do it. Not many browsers allow this, and some high-security browsers give you an all or nothing approach.

The feature of the proxy browser for android also lets Firefox minimize its data usage. So those who are on a little data offering from the phone operator will see that the current data allotment offers much more than it used to. Firefox also has an erase button which clears your past sessions in a single tap. It is useful which lets you start again without exiting the app. The app is well designed, and it is clean and nice to look. It is also much better than your regular app. It is because of the UI that is now present in the Firefox Focus.

In totality, Firefox Focus is a very refined browser. Those who have been using Firefox on Android will feel at ease to use this application. The developer makes browsing secure, and the browser is getting better with each upgrade.



InBrowser is a popular privacy browser. It is available for use, and it offers many features. When you use the InBrowser, you can rest assured that no data of yours will be stored. It has a navigation system that is tabbed and gives the user easy to use it. There is also an in-app support video so you do not need to bother about these less secure apps which may accidently take over. InBrowser lets you download from within the app as well.

The browser has an agent cloaking, and this is a feature that lets the websites to think that the user is visiting from the other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. The browser also blocks the adverts.

If you use the LastPass which is a popular password managing service, then InBrowser is deeply integrated with it. It is a great security feature, and this does not let you input your details to log in every time you want to access any website. It is a feature that stands out in InBrowser because most of the browsers have still not incorporated it.

LastPass helps in the management of password that gets randomly generated. It thus lets you change your passwords to something difficult to break. InBrowser comes with a traverse easy UI. However, it is not very intuitive like Firefox Focus. It is minimalistic for those who want a clean look. The minimalistic approach gives you a better space to browse the web. It is useful for those who wish to view the website in a desktop format.

InBrowser has a fantastic private web browser, and it offers features that tailor makes your experience of web browsing. It helps to change the experience of web browsing as per your taste.




Ghostery is a private web browser, and it offers features that are unique and something that the other browsers do not provide. It makes Ghostery an excellent choice for the top and anonymous browsing android proxy app that get used on Android. The main feature of the Ghostery app is to show what trackers are present on any website. It lets you choose what can track your habits of web browsing. You can also rest assured that nothing will track you.

Ghostery has a vast database that is available to the trackers. It has more than 4500 scripts that get logged and 200 trackers. When you look at this app, it seems like the Android chrome version, and this makes it easy to navigate through this site. It looks fantastic, and it also has a character that is appealing which is the Ghostery logo. Ghostery is an excellent option for those who want control over how they get tracked. The browser ensures that it secures you to the degree that you are happy with it.

Goldeness Browser

Goldeness Browser
Goldeness Browser

The Goldeness bowser is not a complete privacy browser, but when you use it in the incognito mode, it offers you plenty of competition. It thus is an excellent choice for those who want the security at the select times.

The browser does not save any data and block ads. It does not let to track you so you should not worry about it at all Goldeness also cuts down on your usage of data. It is a functionality of the incognito mode, and this browser is surely highly impressive.

It has a unique design that looks appealing to the eyes. The menu system is well designed, and so you can easily navigate through this browser. It also has a night mode feature which lets you browse without any discomfort during the night time.



Javelin is a small player, but it does have a lot to offer. The best part about Javelin is that it lets the user to password protect it. So only if you have a password will you be able to access the browser. It is an excellent addition if Javelin, which is not available in the other browsers.


We hope this article helped you to find out witch proxy browser is the best on the market these days. All proxy browsers you can direct download from Google play store.



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