Can you use RCA and optical audio at the same time?

How to Connect an Optical Audio Cable to RCA? To connect an optical audio cable to an RCA connection, you need to use a digital audio to stereo analog converter. Wire the optical cable into the converter, and then you can connect the RCA output to your device.

Can I use optical cable and HDMI at the same time?

You will be able to insert both – optical and HDMI cord and have the audio and video signals coming through both of them.

Is optical or RCA better for audio?

The Most Talked About Cables Around Meanwhile, RCA cables are associated with analog signals. This is why optical cables offer superior sound quality and HDMI offers superior video and sound quality to RCA.

Is optical input better than RCA?

The Final Verdict. Honestly, while RCA still has its use cases and charms, coaxial and optical are a cut above in terms of actual tangible audio quality for your setup. The differences between these two, however, are negligible, and will often come down to things like price or product build.

Can optical audio be split?

This splitter/adapter allows you to connect one toslink optical audio source and split it into two signals. Two outputs devices can work at the same and Two input device only one device work,please turn off one of input device,otherwise, there will be noisy sounds.

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