Discord top secret control panel

So, if you are a discord user, then you may be thinking about what”Discord Top Secret Control Panel” is all about? If you are here reading this report, then you’ll get the answer here because we’ve completed our research work and now writing the guide that will help you out so you don’t have to wonder so much again.

Every online game who is interested in playing the games and love to contact their friend during the gameplay, they utilize discord because sometimes because of the game server difficulty, you get to disconnect yourself from chatting with your friends. But when you’re connected with the discord server, not only you are going to be able to communicate with your friends but you can chat with your fans also. Discord top secret control panel? What is it? How to use?

Every online gamer that plays in a gaming community should stay connected with their teammates during gameplay. But sometimes the gaming stations are not as efficient as if be or suffers lag because of faulty or slow internet connection. Here comes the part of Discord, a robust gaming chat server that never lets you suffer the problem of disconnecting from your pals. It’s a software that integrates chat lobby, a message board, and a VoIP chatting system integrated inside a lightweight software. It is intended for robust community communication within the mobile and computer platforms. It gained popularity after the widespread addiction of player unknown battlegrounds(PUBG).

If you are a Discord user, then you need to be looking for Discord Top Secret Control Panel. If you can not find it then here’s a complete guide.

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How to access Discord top secret control panel?

First, you need to install discord on your Windows platform. it can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

Download the application from discordapp.com.

Double click the downloaded file to install it on your PC.

Once installed, visit the notification bar and right-click on the discord icon.

You can see the top-secret control panel button on the top which is grey that signifies it’s disabled.

top secret control panel discord
top secret control panel discord



The reason you cannot access top-secret control panel might be due to the following anticipated theories:

  1. This feature might only be open to the program was and developers of discord for development and maintenance purposes.
  2. This button might be in its beta version but could still be under development to be introduced in a later stage. Some of the end-users who attempted to activate the top-secret control panel claim that there is no function behind that button.
  3. It’s just there to make you more curious about the future while it has nothing to do with the top-secret feature.

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Is the top-secret control panel accessible?

As far as the theory goes, there are only rumors and word-of-mouth from users and other websites. every theory differs from the other there is no official announcement from the creators of discord about the activation of top-secret control panel via existing means. Also, no official announcement has been made regarding the activation of this feature and what will lie behind this button. It’s just one user’s words against others. there is no substantial truth or fact that in the concept of the Discord top-secret control panel. But if it has been provided there it won’t just be for fun but possibly underdevelopment till stage because a platform like discord can easily get its name sabotaged if it pulls a stunt that hurts the sentiments of the gaming community.

In the later stage, discord might bring in some features with the top-secret control panel. These features might be paid but at least the button won’t be grey anymore. anyway, discord is an amazing software for PC to connect with players all around and to have great gaming experience.

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