Does Microsoft Software Assurance expire?

Software Assurance benefits expire after three years. It’s important to note that Software Assurance benefits are not the same as product licenses. Product licenses do not expire: they’re valid for as long as you own the product.

Do I have to renew Software Assurance?

If your Software Assurance benefits have expired, you can request a new donation through TechSoup and receive a new license. If your benefits have not expired and you would like to renew them, you must do so before they expire. There is no grace period to renew your benefits.

What happens when Software Assurance expires?

to your agreement expiration date, your Software Assurance benefits will lapse. You will be required to repurchase one or more new licenses, along with new Software Assurance coverage, in order to be eligible for the benefits your company now enjoys.

Can you renew Software Assurance?

You can renew Software Assurance in another licensing program or subscribe for licenses.

What is Software Assurance in Microsoft license?

Microsoft Software Assurance is a software maintenance program that helps organizations gain access to the latest software versions and releases, without incurring additional licensing costs.

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