Fire alarm installation: The new legislation and benefits of these devices

What is the purpose?

If you have never witnessed one of these white, sturdy, round devices, then we will be shocked. Fire/smoke detectors are designed to detect early signs of smoke and fire to respond as quickly as possible to prevent damage, injuries, and most importantly fatalities. Once your alarm detects smoke or a fire, it will repeatedly make a very loud alarm noise over a three-beep pattern, indicating a warning. Once heard, you should quickly and calmly remove yourself from the building.

Battery replacement 

Quite often, homeowners can easily be confused after hearing a short beeping or chirping from their alarm system. This is most likely indicating a fault within the alarm system and suggesting a battery replacement. In conjunction with this, it is vital to test your fire alarm every few months to ensure that it works effectively. This can be carried out by responsibly lighting a few matches and holding them towards the alarm system. Once the alarm goes off, you can rest assured that the device is functioning properly.

Types of alarm systems 

There are three main types of fire alarm installer systems, ionization, photoelectric, and combination. Ionization alarm systems are best for detecting quick, fast-acting flames, whereas photoelectric alarms are quicker at sensing slow smoking and smouldering fires. The combination alarms detect a mixture of both characteristics. Speculation has been raised to having both types of alarms within your home for ultimate protection to detect all types of different fires a lot quicker.

New 2022 legislation 

The alarms placed within your home should be tested and certified to British standards, and this is more notable when considering the new rules and legislation put into place by the Scottish Government come 1st February 2022. New rules will require all properties within Scotland, owned and rented, to have interlinked fire alarm systems. The interlinked systems will consist of an alarm within the main room of your home, which is likely to be the living room, an alarm within every story of the home, for example, hallways or landings, and finally, an alarm within the kitchen, to ensure utmost protection. Alongside these alarms, if you have a carbon-fuelled appliance within any room, for example, a boiler or fire, you must have a carbon monoxide detector within this room however, that does not need to be linked to any of the alarms.

The professionals at are experienced professionals within the fire alarm installation trade, and can safely and efficiently install your new interlinked quality alarm system in the most suitable areas within your property.

The benefits  

Peace of mind for all members within the home 

The benefits that fire alarm installations offer definitely outweigh the equipment and installation costs. Not only is there a reduced risk of injuries and fatalities, but the homeowner and their family also have assured peace of mind knowing that a piece of equipment remains within their home that is potentially life-saving and can track using laptop. As the system monitors the home 24/7, there is never a time where the functioning device will not catch onto a fire starting. This is particularly important within the evening as being asleep could potentially result in you being unaware of a fire, specifically if it begins at the other end of the home from your bedroom.

Reduced risk of smoke inhalation 

Quite often, the result of most fatalities within fire breakouts occurs specifically due to smoke inhalation, rather than the flames from the fire itself. Inhaling significant amounts of smoke prevents the consumption of oxygen, consequently resulting in excess carbon monoxide entering the lungs. Although it is a morbid fact to highlight, smoke consumption can result in death within 15 minutes, that is if 0% oxygen is able to enter the lungs when smoke is present. A fire alarm system could be an extreme lifesaver in preventing a situation like this from occurring, particularly within the evening, when the presence of smoke may not even be felt or acknowledged by an individual who is deep in sleep.

Alarms contribute towards your house insurance 

Although fire alarm installation does not contribute directly towards the pricing or overall cost of your house insurance, it does play a part in claims. Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that your home does experience fire damage, if you were to claim, and your insurance company tested your fire alarms, only to find out that they had a fault, the insurer may not payout on the fire claim. Of course, this is a worst-case scenario that would not be wished upon anyone however, it is without a doubt better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, you must ensure that you have interlinked fire alarm systems that display quality and are tested occasionally for potential faults.

After effectively highlighting the importance of fire/smoke alarm systems, especially in light of recent regulations, the interlinked system is now a must-have. Contact today to enquire about this service that will be carried out by an experienced and friendly professional.

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