Great iPhone Tips for New Users

If you are a new iPhone owner, you are unlikely to know about some of the best features that this smartphone offers. Not taking advantage of some great things can really dampen the overall experience of using the device.

You may discover some features accidentally yourself or learn about them from other iPhone owners. However, taking a proactive approach might be a better option, and it will let you get more out of the smartphone sooner.

Let’s take a look at some neat iPhone features that should come in quite handy when you are using the device.


Check the App Store

Checking the official App Store should be one of the first things you want to do on your new iPhone. You might be interested in downloading games to play or apps that help you with work. For example, a time-tracking app.

Replacing default applications is also worth mentioning. Not all iPhone users are happy with Safari as their default browser, and they replace it with a different app.

In case you run into issues while using the app store, do not fret too much. There might be an error saying that your account has been disabled. Asking why is my account disabled in the app store without knowing what actually happened is unlikely to result in answers.

Instead, try one of the following methods to solve the issue:

  • Reset Apple ID password
  • Log out and log into your Apple account
  • Restart the phone
  • Get in touch with Apple’s customer support


Another thing to note about the App Store is that you should keep an eye on updates. Whenever an application receives a new update, download and install the update to improve the performance of your smartphone’s apps.

Preserve Battery Lifespan

The smartphone’s battery should not cause you problems if you purchase a new model. However, if you are not careful, you will notice that the battery does not last as long as it did early on. In some instances, your iPhone might not even switch on properly because its battery is dead and cannot be charged.

Replacing a battery is usually not necessary. Instead, you need to enable the battery preservation feature in the settings. Also, after you finish using an app, close it instead of leaving it in the background. Finally, adjust the screen brightness. The dimmer it is, the longer the iPhone’s battery will last.

Enable the Dark Mode

It took Apple a long time to finally introduce the Dark Mode feature. Now, iPhone owners no longer have to damage their eyes using the phone in low-light environments.

To enable the Dark Mode, go to Settings, tap the Display and Brightness tab, and switch to the Dark Mode. After enabling the mode, you will not have to bother with adjusting the smartphone’s screen brightness manually each time.

Use Siri

Using Siri might feel a bit unusual if you have no prior experience with digital assistants. However, Siri can improve the overall iPhone experience by doing certain tasks for you. Here are some of the things that you can leave to Siri:

  • Sending texts and making calls
  • Doing calculations
  • Googling a question
  • Flipping a coin and rolling dice
  • Setting a reminder
  • Making a reservation
  • Sending money via Apple Pay

iOS 14 also introduced cycling directions, additional translation language, calls to emergency contacts, and other new features. Given how popular Siri is, Apple fans can expect even more neat additions to this digital assistant’s repertoire in the future.

Update iOS

Keep tabs on the software updates. Whenever you notice that there is a new iOS version out, download and install it.

Running the latest operating system version is beneficial because it improves the overall iPhone performance, enables the latest iOS features, and ensures that the phone has the most recent security upgrades.

Customize Home Screen

If you are unhappy with how many applications there are on the iPhone’s home screen or that some of the apps you use often are not present there, customize the home screen.

Hold the Home button and wait for the applications to start jiggling. Once they jiggle, you can rearrange app shortcuts by moving or removing applications to and from the home screen.

You can also change the iPhone’s wallpaper. Go to Settings, tap the Wallpaper tab, and click on the Choose a New Wallpaper option. Your new wallpaper will have to be one of the photos from the photo library.

Scan QR Codes

When you need to scan a QR code, swipe down on the iPhone’s home screen to access the Control Centre. You will see a small QR code button that you can tap to scan the code and receive the necessary information on your iPhone.

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