How Email Marketing Benefits Your Business

Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Its unemployment rate is quite low at only 3.62 per cent, and it is one of the world’s most business-friendly countries. That is why most businesses grow in this country.

Living in the Information Age, most business owners in Singapore have found tons of ways to grow their businesses. One of the most effective ways is email marketing.

According to a study, millennial’s spend around 6.4 hours per day just reading their emails. Moreover, it is not only the millennial’s who are using it; most people do as well. They are checking their email anywhere as long as they have their smartphones.

If your business’ current marketing campaign is not working, all you need is to hire an email marketing agency in Singapore.

Why does it work?

Email marketing allows your business to keep in touch with your prospects and customers consistently. You can always send a simple greeting or a short letter of appreciation, letting them know that they are essential. Customers appreciate a business that treats them as an individual and not just like another customer.

The emails should show that you value your customers. The more important these customers feel, the more they would look forward to receiving your email. It would make it easier for you to engage them with a call to action.

Benefits of using email marketing

  • It allows you to send a targeted and personalized letter

Email marketing will allow you to divide your customers into different lists according to their preferences, allowing you to send a well-personalized letter. From creating the best subject line to photos that connect with your customers, and important content that helps them, email is the best way to start engagement. This is why you should look into investing in an email marketing agency in Singapore.

  • It builds credibility

Emails with the suspicious subject line or from an unknown sender feel like spam. Customers usually delete these kinds of emails. While some of the customers would love it if you include emojis on your email, for others, it is a sign that they need to find the unsubscribe link.

You need to customize your email based on what your readers want. If you know your reader’s interests and needs, the chance of your email getting into their inbox is high.

Moreover, having a permission-based email list that has a checkbox for customers to opt-in to your email list ensures that the customer is aware of what they are signing up for and are frequently going to receive your emails.

  • It boosts sales

A report says that email marketing makes around $37 billion in retail sales every year. By using emails, you can create content that could entice a previous customer to buy again by:

  • Listing other items that are similar to their last purchase.
  • Featuring items that are usually purchased along with the item they have purchased.
  • Creating a discount or special offer for their next purchase.

When a customer receives an email about a product that is related to their purchase, chances are, they will act on impulse. However, make sure that your promotion is relevant.

These are just some of the ways email marketing can help your business, and with technology that is continuously evolving, possibilities are endless. So, before you start a new campaign for your business, make sure to contact the leading email marketing agency in Singapore.

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