How to delete iPhone contacts?

If you are an iPhone user, then there is a need for you to know about how to manage your contacts and delete it if not needed. Usually, for setting up your contact you can make use of your email account for sharing your contacts using the contact application. Even you can set up your contact accounts for your business or school directories. 


Apple has still not made any easiest method for removing out the multiple contacts directly from your iPhone at a single click. But as an iPhone user, you must know how to deal out with contact options and make it possible for setting as well as for deleting the contacts from your mobile phone.


To set up you have to go to the setting options there you can find an option called Password and accounts click on it. Tap to add account there tap to your email account and turn on or you can tap other to set up your contact account like LDAP or cardDAV.


There you have to enter your information and password then tap “Next”. If in a case when you have your multiple accounts set up in your contact application and when you wish to see a specific one then you can open the contact and tap group’s options that are found at the upper left corner. 


What would happen when you deleted the contact?


When you had deleted the contacts from your phone it permanently gets deleted from your device and when you had deleted a contact from your email account would completely delete the contact from all devices that are signed into your email address. 


Steps for deleting your contacts in iPhone:


Step 1: Open contacts and tap for the contact that you wish to delete.

Step 2: Tap for the edit option.

Step 3: You can directly scroll down and tap delete the contact and then tap for the delete contact again to reconfirm.


There are three different methods are available for deleting out your contacts on your iPhone and they are as follows. 


The first method is that you can do it with iCloud. For this process you have to log into the iCloud website then click on the contacts, there you can select the contact that you want to delete, to get processed hold down the control button for selecting more than one at a time to get deleted. After selecting either click on the delete key that is found on your keyboard or you can click the setting button that you can see on the lower left and hit on delete. 


Instead of iCloud when you collected the contacts with the support of Google then a good option that you can follow is directly you can delete your contacts from there. The chances that you made over there would directly get reflected on your iPhone, till you had synced your account.

The last method is getting the support of third party application as like “My Contacts Backup”, this app would let you an offline backup for the contacts list and cross devices that is syncing over your email along with the cross-device syncing options that are available in your mail. Even you can enable up the “Cleanup” options that would make you mass deleting out the contacts easily. 


How to delete a group of contacts?


When you wish to delete out a bulk of your contact in your iPhone where you can seek support from the third-party application that supports Groups. This freemium application would provide an advanced feature for deleting up an in-app purchase. 


For deleting the contact with the Groups app there is a need for you to download the group’s app on your iPhone device. Grant out the groups for accessing out your contacts when you have prompted. In that select all your contacts from the group list that you have found. There you have to find out the contacts and mark the ones that you had wished to delete by tapping out on the circle outline that is found at the left of their side. After that tap for the choose action then delete the contacts that displayed in the popup menu, tap for removing that contacts from my iPhone option, and confirm it that’s all now you can find out the contact would get deleted from your mobile phones. 

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