How to Secure a Windows 10 PC in 2020

The average PC user may think that their computer running Windows 10 is secure out of the box. It is, unfortunately, not the case as security becomes an increasingly larger issue daily. While Microsoft has done a lot of work on their end, you can do some, too, to protect yourself.

You can change a lot in Windows 10 settings, download different software solutions, and use them to make your internet experience more secure. Protecting your personal information online must be a top priority, no matter what operating system you use.

Start at Logging In

Since Windows 10 has shown some pretty major security flaws in the past, you want to start beefing up your security right away. Do not use your regular email address if you use it for any of your Microsoft accounts. By using a different email address, you are making sure that hackers won’t be able to access your computer through a compromised Microsoft email account.

Encrypt Your Data

While Windows 10 Home does not come with the BitLocker encryption, you do have different options for encrypting data. You can use different software to encrypt all information stored on your hard disk. There are many free and paid options available online. Plus, a virtual private network can encrypt all data going to and from your device over the internet. That said…

Install a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

It is going to be a lot harder for cybercriminals to access your personal information over public WiFi networks if you use a VPN. What is a VPN? It’s a subscription-based service you can use to make your internet traffic anonymous. A VPN encrypts all your data exchanged online. That includes sites you visit, the information you fill in the forms there, etc. It also masks your IP address so no one could track you or discover your location. More information here:

Use Windows Defender

There are many different antivirus and antimalware apps available on the internet. But even the built-in Windows Defender has a reasonably good reputation. You should turn this program on and keep it updated at all times. The advantage of using it, besides it being included in the operating system, is that unlike additional software, it doesn’t slow the computer down. And you do get pretty decent protection without spending extra money or time searching for another solution.

 Use Multiple Backup Methods

There are many options for backing up your data. It’s best if you take advantage of more than one. Physical storage, such as hard drives and flash drives, has never been more affordable. You can pick up one just about anywhere. You should also use some form of cloud-based backup as well for extra protection of your data. And make sure to encrypt that backup, too.

Keep Windows Updated

One of the most important things that keep your Windows computer safe and secure is system updates. There are teams of experts working around the clock at Microsoft. They try to keep Windows 10 running smoothly and fix any bugs or security concerns that pop up. If you fail to keep your computer updated, you are putting yourself at risk.

Not to mention, it is easy to install updates. You can set the system to automatically update any time one is available. Make sure that you select this option, as everyone can be forgetful at times. Microsoft knows their operating system better than anyone. You need to stay up to date with all their fixes.

Set Controlled Folder Access

This feature has been available for a few years now. It’s a part of the strategy by Microsoft to keep malware and ransomware damage contained. You can add folders to a protected list on Windows Defender to control who and what can change contents within. After adding a folder to this list, you can customize who has access to it.

Stay Safe on Your PC

Every other day, you can read a story about data breaches and hackers scaring people with ransomware. As the online world becomes more ingrained in everything, it becomes even more crucial to keep you and your information safe. There is always someone looking to take advantage of unaware people.

Take the proper steps to keep your Windows 10 operating system secure, as it is well worth the effort. Your personal information can get out there too quickly, and it is up to you to keep that from happening.

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