How To Unblur a Photo or Image

In modern photography, blur may be stylish artistic effect but more often than not the lack of sharpness in a picture results from an operator error or topic movement that couldn’t be controlled. Everyone loves Taking photographs and pictures on their smartphones and cameras. Photography is trendy and common nowadays because everybody has a smartphone using very High-Quality Cameras that could blur pictures which makes the photo very striking and beautiful. Regardless of how on stage your photography skills might be, you’ve taken some blurry pictures in your time. We love our photos, pictures since they caught the gorgeous moments that we do not want to lose. Nobody wants to delete that beautiful moment simply due to the blurry effect.

Everyone has faced this problem and thought there isn’t any solution to this mistake. But what if it’s hours or days later, or more, and there is no way to retake the shot? Sometimes you have just one chance to get that perfect picture and you take it. Blurred photos can be due to a number of things. Camera shake, vibration, or insufficient focus can all create a fuzzy image that detracts from or outright destroys the image. But is a blurry picture game over? But it’s not true. There are tons of options for this blurry photo. We can readily unblur photos and fix the photo blur.

So, the way to unblur a picture and make it clear again? Fortunately, you won’t need any expensive equipment for this. Can you unblur a picture? Yes, at times you can unblur a photo as I will show you in this article.

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How To Unblur a Picture on Computer and Mac

How To Unblur a Picture on Computer and Mac
How To Unblur a Picture on Computer and Mac

Computers are the most using device nowadays. Each one of us uses computers, Mac, and laptops daily. The ideal device to unblur photos and pictures is computer systems and laptops. Laptops and computers support stronger applications that may utilize to unblur pictures, photographs, and graphics.

We’re discussing the 100% working and best effective methods here with you so that you can easily edit your images and unblur photographs and repair the photo blur easily.

How to Unblur photo Using Photoshop CS

Unblur photo using  photoshop
Unblur photo using photoshop

The best and 100% Working method to remove blur from the photographs and pictures is the Adobe Photoshop CS Program which is specially made up for photographic purposes only. Photoshop CS is Developed and Own by the Adobe Company. We are going to use this program to unblur photographs and pictures. Removing blur out of the images is very simple by using this Tool.

We can unblur photos, pictures and fix photo blur by using three different methods in Adobe Photoshop CS. Photoshop has three unique tools to perform this sort of action. Each Method does something unique and has its own points plus benefits.

Every tool gives different results in different situations. You can get the perfect outcome of this blurry picture by testing all the methods given below.

Before you get started, please make a copy of pictures before trying any of the given methods to decrease the risk of losing your own pictures.

Now allow me to explain the comprehensive method that the way to eliminate photo blur using photoshop. Follow the below step by step Guide to Remove Blur and Resolve the photo blur with the help of Photoshop.

Photoshop Method 1 (Shake Reduction)

This method is straightforward and simple. This method is specially used to reduce the evident photo blur caused by camera shake. By using the given simple steps, we can remove the blur of any photo, picture or image. Just follow the below easy steps.

  • Open the Adobe Photoshop CS Edition.
  • Add your blurry image in Photoshop.
  • Now, after opening the Photoshop, Click on “Filter” Button.
  • After clicking the “Filter” Button Now Select the “Sharpen” Option in the “Filter” button drop-down as shown in the below image.
  • Now click on the “Shake Reduction” button.
  • Photoshop will now work on the image.
  • Allow Adobe Photoshop to unblur the photo. That’s it. The Photo blur will be fixed.

It will only work in the latest versions of Photoshop. Please update your Photoshop is you can’t find the given options. This method will provide you with a good result, but if it didn’t give you the desired, then please try the second method given below using Adobe Photoshop’s second tool.

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Photoshop Method 2 (Background Layer)

This method is a little long, but it is a very cool and effective method. If the above method did not work for you, then this method will surely work for you and give you the best result and completely unblur your photo and fix the photo blur easily.

This method can also be used on simple Photoshop. You didn’t need Photoshop’s CS Edition to unblur pictures. You can quickly fix photo blur by using this method on a simple photoshop version. Now follow the below-given steps.

  • Open the Adobe Photoshop CS or Adobe Photoshop Simple.
  • Open your image in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Now Duplicate the Background Layer of your image and select the duplicate layer. Press “CTRL + J” to duplicate the background layer.
  • Click on “Filter” then Click on “Other” and select “High Pass.”
  • Set the “High Pass” to 10%.
  • Now set the “Blend Mode” of the Layer of your image and increase & decrease the opacity until your photo is unblurred correctly.
  • That’s it.

This method works like a charm in old versions of Photoshop because in this method you can manually adjust the opacity of the image and can make changes yourself until you got your desired results. But if you are using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, then you should try the Camera Shake Reduction feature explained above in Method 1 Step by Step.

If you are still not satisfied, then give a final try to the 3rd method. This method is also 100% working and tested by our team many times. We have checked all the three ways and sharing with you now.

Photoshop Method 3 (Enhance Feature)

This method is also straightforward and easy to apply. You have to follow the below-given steps.

  • Open Adobe Photoshop on your computer or laptop.
  • Upload the desired blurry image that you want to unblur (Make a Backup Please).
  • Open the Photoshop Elements by clicking on the button.
  • Click on the “Filter Menu
  • In the Filter Menu, select the “Enhance” Option.
  • Now click on “Unsharp Mask” Option in the Enhance Feature.
  • Now Increase and decrease the “Radius & Amount” Option until your photo is unblurred correctly and you are satisfied with the result.

Change the values again and again to get an excellent result. This trick works very well for me. Give it a try, and you will not regret it. If you are not satisfied, then don’t be sad. There are more ways to do this work. Let me tell you some other cool methods and tools for this work.

Unblur Photos, Pictures & Images Using Movavi Photo Editor.

Movavi unblur image
Movavi unblur image

Unblur Photos, Pictures & Images Using Movavi Photo Editor is just another very best way to edit your photographs and fix photo blur in your own images. Removing the photo blur mistake with the aid of Movavi is a really easy, easy and 100% working technique. Follow the below guide to unblur photographs and graphics.

Download and Install Movavi Photo Editor

To begin with, you must download the Movavi photo editor and install it on your personal computer or laptop. Just got into the Movavi Official Download Page and Download the photo editor. Now open the setup and install the Movavi photo editor on your PC.

Unblur Photo Using GIMP

If you are not satisfied with the results of photoshop and still struggling to get the best unblur photo result, then you need to give a try to GIMP. GIMP is a GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a free image editing tool and program, and we’re going to use this program to repair our photo blur.

GIMP is a free tool, and it’s effortless to use but it is not much powerful as Photoshop, but nevertheless , we can use this free tool to unblur Photos, Pictures, and Images for free. If you do not have GIMP installed on your computer, then you may download the GIMP setup from their original site.

How To UnBlur Photo Using GIMP Editor

Editing the pictures and photos with GIMP is very easy. We can remove blur from images easily with a few little steps. It is a simple method. Just follow the below step by step guide.

  • Open GIMP Editor on your computer.
  • Open the photo in GIMP Editor or drag and drop the photo in GIMP Editor’s Working area.
  • Point to the Toolbox and select Blur/Sharpen in the top upper Toolbox menu.
  • Now select the Sharpen and drag the courser over your image are from where you want to unblur the photo.

After you perform all of these steps, the GIMP Editor will automatically work on the image, and the image will be unblurred. The Sharpen tool works very well to remove the blur from the pictures.

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UnBlur Using Paint.NET

Unblur Image using
Unblur Image using

We are always trying to provide the finest and valuable applications and solutions that give the best result for free. Keeping this aspect in mind, we recommend Paint.NET. Additionally, it is free software that is commonly used for image editing.

Removing the blur caused by camera shake and fixing the photo blur is not the principal use of this software but as it is free software and gives the best result so we can use this software for fixing the picture blur.

Follow the below step by step guide to reducing the image blur easily with the help of Paint.NET

  • Click the Paint.Net icon and open the Paint on your computer.
  • Click on Browse/Add Image button and open the Image in
  • In Paint.NET Select Effects
  • Now select Picture and Sharpen in the Effect’s Tab.
  • Move the Slider in the Sharpen popup to a level where the image is unblurred.
  • Select OK and save.

Now your image is unblurred successfully. In this method, the Sharpen Tool will make some noise to the image. You can reduce that by using Effects and Noise Reduction function. Again, adjust until you are happy with the results.

Unblur Photos and Pictures online

If you’re not satisfied with the above methods or you don’t have a Laptop & Computer to unblur your photographs, then you can try online tools to resolve the picture blur online. The following are some helpful online tools that unblur images right online at no cost. Read the under Step by Step Guide.

Unblur Pictures Using Lunapic

Lunapic unblur image
Lunapic unblur image

Lunapic is an online editing tool that lets you correct your photos how you prefer. There is no need to download any applications because it is possible to collect your pictures on the website all you have to do is upload the blurry photo to your PC.

Lunapic is an online tool that is made up to remove image blur reduction online. Lunipic is just another instrument that we can use to decrease the image blur. Using the Lunapic for picture editing is very comfortable and secure.

We can unblur pictures online using Lunapic Online Editor. There’s no need to download any applications because you can sharpen up your pictures on the Lunapic website. All you’ve got to do is upload the blurry photo on the website from your computer. Follow the below step by step guide to unblur picture online using Lunapic.

  • Go to
  • Click on Adjust > Sharpen.
  • Click “Choose File” and open the Photo that you want to unblur online.
  • Drag the button to the right to Sharpen it more.
  • The more to the right you drag it, the less blurry it’ll appear. Adjust it where you get your desired unblurry results.

Unblur Pictures Using Fotor


Fotor is an excellent photo editing suite that delivers a range of free photo editing programs from within the site. You will find Pro tools too for a price tag, but for the majority of us, the free ones do enough. The tool itself is tagged as incorporating artistic blur to an image but by using it and then scaling blur down you can use it as a sharpener. Use the Basic tools in the left menu, then Basic in the second left menu. There is a Sharpen slider there to unblur your picture.

Unblur Pictures Using PinTools

PineTools unblur image
PineTools unblur image

PineTools is the 2nd best online tool to remove the image blur online for free of charge. There is just four easy step by step procedure to decrease the photo blur.

PineTools always worked really well for me. Millions of users use PineTools daily to fix the image blur mistake online. Simply follow our simple and easy step by step procedure to eliminate blur out of your images online.

With Pinetools, you may even invert colors, lighten a picture, flip an image, and change the contracts — this will help your photo look much better than the original.

  • Go to
  • Click on the Choose File button to upload your blurry image.
  • Choose the Sharpen Strength by dragging the button
  • Click on Sharpen.
  • After doing this, you will see a definite improvement in the photo.

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Unblur Pictures & Photos on Android & iPhone.

Most individuals have android and iPhone devices, and they do not use PC and laptops on a daily basis. Peoples think there is no option for mobile users to unblur photos on Android and iPhones. But we have the solution to fix image blur on Android & iPhone apparatus. You can read our below guide to remove and reduce the image blur of photos and unblur photos on iPhone and Android.

If you have an iPhone or Android device and you do not want to bother picking up your laptop merely to unblur your photo, you can download a free app in the App Store and Playstore called Snapseed.


To Unblur photos, pictures and images on Android and iPhones, Snapseed is your No#1 Program for both Android and iPhone devices. Using this program on your own Android or iPhones Device means that you can quickly unblur many photos anywhere anytime.

Now follow the below procedure to fix the photo blur on Android and iPhones devices.

  • Open Snapseed App and upload the blurry photo that you want to unblur.
  • Select “Details” in the Snapseed App.
  • Select the Sharpen option then tap on the unblur option.
  • After unblurring, chose Structure > Show More Detail

This app is excellent since you have two choices in it that you can use to unblur a photo on mobile devices. Using these two options together gives the best picture quality. The sharpen tool eliminates the blur, and the Construction instrument adds detail to the picture. Thus, you should use both these options to find the best results.

The sharpen tool eliminates the blur, and the Construction instrument adds detail to the photograph. Thus, you should use both these options to find the best results.


Those are the ways I know of to unblur a picture. I am sure there are dozens of different ways to do it. Are you aware of any other methods to unblur a picture? Tell us about them below in the comments if you do! Also if you liked this guide, please share it.

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