Microsoft made Windows 10 clipboard synchronized with Android devices

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has made large-scale changes to such a well-known tool as the clipboard: with its help, you can not only save all the data fragments copied to temporary storage, but also synchronize them with other computers. The latter feature is now available for Android devices as well.


The company recently updated its Android keyboard app, SwiftKey Beta, which now includes PC sync. There are a number of steps to follow to synchronize.


You need to open SwiftKey Beta, go to Advanced Input -> Buffer and enable Sync Buffer History to interact with your Windows 10 device.


On a Windows 10 computer, you need to go to Settings -> Clipboard, enable Clipboard History and Synchronize between devices, and activate the Automatically sync text I copy checkbox.

After completing the above steps, you can access the clipboard history on multiple devices. It is worth remembering that the “cloud” clipboard will be synchronized with the latest copies of data, each of which is stored for an hour. This feature works in SwiftKey Beta 7.8.5 and later. At the same time, the system is functional with an activated Microsoft account and with a version of Windows 10 updated no earlier than October 2018. IOS support is not foreseen yet. Finally, the company clarifies that the data in the buffer is encrypted and well protected.

A similar feature has been available to Samsung smartphone owners for quite some time, but the SwiftKey Beta update will allow it to be used on all Android devices that support the corresponding application. However, you should not confuse SwiftKey Beta with SwiftKey – these are different programs.

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