Remote desktop connection not working Windows 10

Windows Remote Desktop is one of the popular and useful Windows 10 feature, which will allow you to control computer from another device. Or it will allow you to control client computer if he needs help. You can also find that Windows Remote Desktop ( can be also called RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol.  This Windows function is very useful …

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What Are the Best Website Browsers for a Macbook?

Everyone has different preferences, and it is no surprise that we have Mac users who like one browser or another. At the same time, there is a group that has a tough time deciding which one would be the best for themselves because they do not have the most experience using any computer. The best advice would be to try …

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How To Download JW Player Videos?

A good deal of people is seeking how they can download JW player videos and here we’re going to present the greatest simple approaches to download videos from this best open source media player. First of all, you need to know some facts. JW Player supports flash videos and HTML 5. Additionally, creators who host their own videos on the stage can …

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My iPhone slow down after iOS 13 update – FIX

iPhone slow down after iOS 13 update

Apple company always try to improve and be ahead of her concurrent like Google Android or Ubuntu.  So to be always ahead, you need to update your iOS frequently, and the latest version is iOS 13 update for all iPhone users. All older iPhone users now can upgrade their phones to the newest iOS 13 version. But there are some …

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Download Latest Version of Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2.2

Cisco Packet Tracer

This Cisco Packet Tracer is multi-faceted and comprehensive. The program is excellent for Network Academy pupils. It’s absolutely free to download for pupils. If you’re trying to use Cisco’s network simulator” Cisco Packet Tracer”, you have come to the perfect location! This class will take you through the downloading process and demonstrate how you can find the newest, first version …

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How to lock down your smartphone to avoid spyware attacks

Every time you communicate over the Internet, you’re doing so with a certain degree of risk. Services like WhatsApp are only as safe as the security that guards them and the security on your own phone or Internet-capable device.  WhatsApp’s credibility for security and privacy took a significant hit when it was revealed that Israel’s NSO Group has developed spyware …

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What is the Use of SSL Protocol?


A SSL certificate is a small data file binding a cryptographic key to a firm’s details. When it is installed on a web server, the padlock and the https protocol get activated, allowing secure connections from a server to a browser. SSL is typically used to secure transactions via credit cards, logins, and data transfer, and most recently, SSL is …

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How to Encrypt Your Android Devices

A recent study by Kensington shows that people lose 70 million smartphones each year. And only 7% of them are recovered. Also, 4.3% of lost or stolen devices are company-issued smartphones. It means the loss of a device puts both personal and corporate data at risk. One thing you can do to reduce the damage is to encrypt your Android …

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How to Secure a Windows 10 PC in 2020

The average PC user may think that their computer running Windows 10 is secure out of the box. It is, unfortunately, not the case as security becomes an increasingly larger issue daily. While Microsoft has done a lot of work on their end, you can do some, too, to protect yourself. You can change a lot in Windows 10 settings, …

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