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What Is Slader

Slader is a textbook solution where you can find notes and helping guides. The site is started in the year 2010 to help peoples in their work, assignments, etc.

A few years back the sites also provide an option where you could hire online teachers to help in your exam, project, or anything else. It was absolutely a paid feature of Slader but it is was quite interesting and very helpful where you meet an expert to discuss your doubts by spending little money.

Now, on the sites, you can find notes and guide about the maths, science, literature, etc. Because it is a premium site so you can not get all these for free, you have to buy and order the notes.

Subjects You Can Browse Here

  • Higher level math
  • High School Math
  • Science
  • Social science
  • Literature And English
  • Foreign Language
  • Other

These are the main subjects you can browse on the site.

How To Browse Topics

  1. Go to the homepage
  2. Tap on the Browse from the main menu
  3. Select the subject and it will bring all of the available notes

How to Register A Free Account

There are two option to Register

  • Use Facebook for Registration
  • Use Email for Registration

By Facebook

  • Tap on the login from the main menu
  • Tap on the Signup tab
  • Tap on the “Facebook Connect” option
  • Click on the Verity and continue
  • You are done

By Email

  • Tap on the login
  • Click “Sign Up” option
  • Enter your email, password, and username
  • Click sign up

Go to check your email account, there you will find a verification email from the Slader. Open the email and click on the verification link.

The best thing about Slader it contains the only expert-written notes so you can trust and rely on them.

Slader Alternative

Homework Market

Type Of License: Paid

Homework Market is a user helping site where you can find answers of your doubts from the expert. The site works in three steps post your question, select your tutor and find the answer. Simply on the site, you can connect online tutors who will help you in your work, assignments and projects.


The site is having three most notable features

Reliable: You can rely and trust on the site because here you will get guidance from the professional experts who will be expert in your selected subject.

Professional: It is very professional where you will connect to some very professional experts who will teach you very professionally.

Cost effective: If you need any help in your work and looking for any immediate tutor so no offline tutor will help you. Suppose they agreed but they will change you a good amount for his but here at Homework Market, you can learn from an expert at a cheap price.

Topic On Homework Market

  • Applied Sciences
  • Architecture and Design
  • Biology
  • Business & Finance
  • ChemistryComputer
  • Science and many others
  • How to ask and find the answer on Homework Market As a First Time User
  • Post your question with a good title and well-explained description, and Click continue
  • Sign Up to the Homework Market or if you already have an account so directly login with your details
  • Confirm your verification
  • Add more details to the question
  • Finish

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Jiskha is an online education portal where you can find expert written educational content and notes as well as can hire an online tutor to help you in your work. Every day thousands of users come to the Jiskha for educational help.

Finding any immediate tutor or expert is never possible so in this case, you can ask your question at Jiskha portal where you will get a reliable answer to your question. Sometimes it can take little more time to answer the question because of the rush.

Questions at Jiskha is answered by the expert tutors, so you can rely on them and trust the answers.


Topics you will find here

  • Art
  • Business
  • Computers
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • Health
  • Home Economics
  • Math
  • Music

Because at Jiskha, regularly answers are published so it is possible that your questions will be already asked and answered. So before asking your question you can search the question or topic from their search bar.


Factmonster is an educational site for homework help, facts and educational games where children can learn by playing. Factmonster is best for the teachers, tutors, and parents because to teach you needed lots of information and resource. And you can get here all of the facts and information on most all of the topics like worlds, science, math, languages, peoples, etc.

The best part all of the information, resource, and facts are written and verified by the professional experts.

Factmonster is trustable and it is one of the oldest websites for the notes and guides, it is since 1998 and daily helps housands of users in their work.


How to use Factmonster

You can directly search your required topic or information from the search bar if you exactly know what you are looking for.

Or you can browse information which is categorized between different topics. For example,

  • US
  • Countries
  • Peoples
  • Science
  • Language and much more

Childrens love to play games that is why Factmonster made some entertaining educational games where your children can learn by playing games.

Some of the most popular game on the site

  • Roman Numeral Challenge
  • Math Flashcards
  • Hangman Games
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Same Game

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Webmath is a website to get help regarding the math where you can online generate answers to your math queries. Webmath works in real time where you do not need to wait.

How to use this site to get answers of your math query

From the main menu, you can look over the required topic and select anyone

It will bring you to a new page where you will see a blank box where you can put your query. Then tap on ok and you will get your answer


Webmath is not only designed to help you find the answer to your query but instead, here it will also let you know how actually they solve the query. So this way you can learn by yourself or can check where you can making mistake.

Topics on Webmath

  • Math for everyone
  • General math
  • K-8 math
  • Trignometry and many others

Suppose are working on any assignment or project, or the next day you are having your math exam and you stuck with any query which is not going to be solved. So, in that case, this website is the best place to point out your error and get the right answer.

Refdesk Is a resource finding website where you can find resources on different topics like News, literature, peoples, countries, history, and lot more else. Refdesk is a completely open source so you can use it for free, it was started in the year 1995.

On the site, you can find things like,

  • Facts Subject
  • Facts Encyclopedia
  • Newspapers USA/World
  • History and more else


Suppose you want to know that what happened today in history, so there is an option where you will get the list of all of the events take place on that day.

Actually, it indexes resources from the web and then reviews all of them. so if you’re looking for some kind of resources to add in your project then Refdesk is really an amazing place.

how it works

  • Go to the homepage
  • From the main menu selects whatever you are looking for, or you can directly find things on the homepage.
  • The site is having a very old look but it contains very useful information and resources from the web.

Math Homework Answers

Math Homework Answers is for the students and those peoples who want to connect with math experts to find answer of Math problems. The site is completely free to use you just need to make an account by simple signup with the help of an email, and this way you can start your journey at Math Homework Answers.

Suppose you are having any query related to maths so You just need to come to the site and simply post your question. Now any of the expert answer the question.


Because the site is dedicated to the maths subject, and daily thousands of questions are asked and answered so it is possible that question which you want to ask may be it wil be already answered to this site.

So before asking your question simply search your question. In the sidebar you can find the search bar where you can search your question.

Even on the sidebar, you will find all of the tags used in the site. So suppose you are looking for any algebra related answer. So in this case just go to the sidebar and click on the algebra tag and it will bring you all of the questions asked regarding algebra.

According to the site stats

  1. 81,658 questions are already asked
  2. 85,899 answers are already answered
  3. 69,340 users are officially registered to the site

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