Best Sockshare Alternatives to Stream Movies in 2020

In our life, we all want to get some entertainment in our free time or better say we manage to get some free time from our busy schedules for some entertainment to make our mood refreshed. There are many ways to entertain ourselves, and one of the best ways to do so is watching movies and shows. The enjoyment becomes double when we get it free and at ease.

Sockshare is one such website that was providing it’s users free video content on their browsers in the past. It had videos from many sites like,,,,,,, media file .com,, etc.

These sites provide video content in various video formats like MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI, DVD RIP, MP3, and many more.

But in recent years sockshare is not used by many users due to different reasons like the ban of the site in some countries, some security issues of data.

If you too are having such issues with the site, today we are going to discuss here some websites which can be used as the alternative of the sockshare.

Let us explore them all one by one.

In this list our first website is


This site is one of the best alternatives to sockshare. The site provides it’s users hassle-free entertainment any time of the day or night. There is no restriction to log in before watching any movie or show as it not mandatory to make an account here or do registration here to enjoy all its content. All these contents are free to every movie lover. Sometimes some ads may annoy you, but overall, you will find this site very useful for watching the videos. The quality of some videos may be not as expected for many users, but even then you can not ignore its other excellent features which you can experience only when you will use it.

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Popcorn Time:

Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time

It is also one of the best sites where users can get what they want to watch. The site provides the movies in 44 languages, and it can also be used on various platforms like Linux OS X, iOS and android and window. This site is written using popular language like HTML, Javascript, NodeJS, and CSS, which make this site more trustworthy.

Users can download and watch movies of their choice. This website is also free for all the users as no subscription is required to use this site. This gives a fierce competition to many places which collect a considerable amount from the users in the form subscription charges.

The design of this site is user-friendly, and all the movies or shows which you want to watch can be watched without any problem. It also provides you with the facilities to download the videos.


It is an American company based video streamer. It provides all its content within the time duration of 1970 to the present day. ViacomCBS own this company through its domestic network divisions.

It was launched on August 1, 1942. It mainly supports two languages that are English and Spanish. Contents available on this is mostly with the resolution 480i and  1080i. The headquarter of the channel is situated in New York City. Other video channels associated with this are paramount network, comedy central, Nickelodeon, CMT, The movie channel, showtime, Bet, Tv land, logo etc. This is the only premium service in the United States which does not operate any other multiplex channel on it which requires some particular type of programming to run other than the programming of this flix itself. Though it is much more like a television program and paid it can’t be ignored when we want to have some particular videos just like present in sockshare.

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When we talk about video websites and do not include YouTube, it becomes just like eating everything without eating anything. Whenever the terms video comes in our mind, we associate it with the term YouTube. YouTube has become something like the synonyms of video.

Almost everyone who uses the internet knows about this beautiful video streaming site. This site not only provides the movies, shows but also provides some live viral channels. Here users can make their page and upload the videos they want. There is also no need to do registration and log in first unless you want to see some specific type of content. This site provides videos mainly in MP4 and 3GP format. There are a lot of options available on this site to watch the video in the specific resolution you want to watch. The only cons of this site may be for many ones that it does not have all the movies you want to watch. It has only some specific film, and for other videos, you will be asked to spend a small buck.

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform that was launched on February 14, 2005. Its headquarter is in San Bruno, California, United States.

It was founded by a group of 3 members Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

Most of the videos on this site can be watched without any registration. Registration and log are only required when you want to see 18+ content, want to upload video, wish to dislike or like some videos, etc. After registration and register in a user can upload their own recorded videos or some other videos, can subscribe to other channels, can comment on their favorite videos, etc.

YouTube also gives it’s users a chance to earn some money through their videos.

In this list, our next site is Amazon prime

These days this is also very popular among all. This site provides its content in high quality. Just like many websites, this site also provides its users to watch movies, shows, live telecasts, premium videos, etc.

The access of this site requires you to get a prime membership subscription for which you will have to pay a small amount. But if you will see the benefits of this subscription, you will find watching videos on this site almost free.

Other than watching movies and show, this site also enables to enjoy some high-quality music, read premium books and getting full 100 % discount on shipment charge when you buy some product from Amazon site and the products also get delivered faster than the none other subscription delivery.

Amazon is an American company which was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Its headquarter is situated in Seattle, Washington, and Arlington, Virginia, United States. It is one of the four big tech companies along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.

In the same series, our next website is



This site provides you with an excellent option for movies and shows. All the movies and shows are available on high quality. If you love watching movies and shows you must check out this site at least once. You will love it for sure. The user interface of this site is straightforward which will not bother you like any other site where the procedure of watching movies or show is too long that sometimes we better think not to watch the film instead of going through all those hectic steps. This site does not require your login first if you want to watch some videos for free. For up to two years, you can use this site for free. The only problem in this site is as and popup window which can also be handled easily by some very efficient adblocker.

Soap Today:

Soap Today
Soap Today

This site has a vast collection of movies and tv shows in HD quality. This may prove your all-time favorite website for streaming movies and shows. The process of watching movies and shows is very simple or better say just 2 or 3 clicks away, which is not generally found in another movie site these days. It also offers you it’s videos in HD quality. It means we will have not to compromise with quality while watching your favorite tv show and movies. Here you can sort your films according to the new release, IMDb rating, or popular tab. For each film, you will find here the maximum available detail which will help you to decide which videos you should watch and why and which videos you can avoid watching.

In the same series, we are going to tell you about our next movies watching website that is.

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Watch Free:

Watch Free
Watch Free

If still, you are not getting the best site for movies, you must try to watch free. This site also provides it’s content in Hd quality just like soap today. And it is also a free website where you have not to take any subscription for enjoying videos like movies and tv shows. It has a vast collection of many such films and tv shows which you may miss on some other movie streaming platform. This site will never disappoint you with its collection, which keeps updating now and then especially after the release of some exciting movies and tv shows. Once you use it, you will surely feel this is the site for which you were searching since long ago.

Look Movies:

Look Movies
Look Movies

It is our next movie streamer in the list of sockshare alternatives. The user interface of this website is very simple, and here you will find many filters to choose the best movies or tv shows to watch. This site also provides all its content in HD quality. After using this site, you will wish to thank me for sure. Do you know why? Why because the features of this site are just so amazing, you wouldn’t believe at once that it is for free and also does not have and ads and unwanted pop-up windows like another site which decreases the joy of watching movies. Yes, you read it write, this site provides all its content for free, and that is too without any ad and pop up windows. So what you are waiting for! Go and check this site to enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows right away.

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Crackle is another website for movie streaming. It is one of the best sites for streaming movies and tv shows. It is also a free website that doesn’t take any single penny from its users. The most important thing about this site is its brand. It is from a trendy entertainment industry name that is Sony Pictures Entertainment. It not just provides movies and tv shows but also hosts many other video content on its server. One more best part of this site is that it can be reached via many other devices other than PCs. Now you need not stick at one place with your PCs to watch movies and other videos. You can enjoy them all in different areas using your Android phones, tablets, iPhones, etc.



Our next video streaming site is PopcornFlix. Though its name is popcorn don’t get confused. It’s all about streaming movies and tv shows. Might be the developer give this site such title due to its worthiness and still being very easy. Just like popcorn enhances the viewing time of the movies, this site also does the same as it provides all its content of films and another thing, at the ease of just a few clicks. Everything is very simple, which can be understood even by a new user. All the contents this site has, are rich and they all can be enjoyed without any restriction of the availability of PC as this site can be reached using the smartphone, smart tv also.


These were some websites which I told you about to watch your favorite tv shows and movies and tv show. Sites may be more there, but these were just the selected ones to make your watching experience better and better.  If even a single one of them you use at least once, no doubt you will fall in love with that one and will think to try all of these once at least.

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