The Power of 60 Second Explainer Videos

Video content usage statistics show that companies using 60-second explainer videos to promote brands and products get the best response from their audience. Such materials as part of general content marketing increase conversions and brand awareness. High conversion and efficiency of using promotional videos gives the company a significant advantage over competitors that do not use video content for business purposes. After all, even in e-mail newsletters, letters containing the word “video” in the subject line immediately increase the CTR to 65%. Many executives or business owners need an animated video explainer as they don’t always know what a 1-minute explainer video should include.

What promo video will bring you profit?

The task of the promo video, as other means of promotion, is to show existing and potential customers what they need to do and what to believe in, as well as explain why they should purchase your products.

Depending on the goals of creation and format, several types of promo videos can be distinguished:

  1. Corporate video and video about the company. It is created with the aim of forming a brand image, telling about the company’s mission, making the brand attractive to customers, and establishing an emotional and psychological connection with them. In such a video, there is no direct sales, and the emphasis is on the commonality of the goals of the potential client and the brand, the correspondence of the brand atmosphere to the aspirations and desires of a particular person.
  2. Interesting options for such a promo video are video blog and interview formats, which, with a small budget, allow you to involve a wide audience and take a firm place in the minds of people.
  3. Training videos and master classes. These 60 second videos use indirect methods of increasing sales by explaining when and how the company’s products can be used, what benefits can be obtained as a result of purchasing them. Training videos are especially effective for the promotion of equipment, special equipment or goods that are little known on the market.
  4. Another version of the training video can be a video that does not directly promote the goods and services of the company, but is focused on solving the related needs of its target audience.

More often than not, a training video is the top of the sales funnel. It shows the consumer what the problem is (if he has not yet realized it) and what methods of solving this problem exist. In addition, associating your brand with learning will reinforce its added value in the consumer’s mind.

Video reviews of services and goods in the format of describing a specific product or comparing it with other models are especially in demand in the field of direct sales. They allow you to show products in more detail and fully than catalog photos, to work out the alleged objections of the client. Video reviews help the viewer to choose a product.

Promotional live streaming allows you to conduct presentations, master classes, seminars, prize draws, make reviews of goods and services, demonstrate the production process or events in the life of a brand online. This option of video without preliminary processing and editing allows you to establish a trusting relationship with the target audience.

Different approaches to solve different problems

Different video content formats, as well as their competent combinations, will allow you to correctly form a brand image, highlight the advantages of your products and ensure a constantly growing level of sales. Experts recommend the following duration for promo videos:

  • 50-90 seconds – for educational video programs;
  • 15-60 seconds – for commercials;
  • 1-2 minutes – for videos with reviews and recommendations.

4 secrets of an effective promo video:

  • A high-quality promo video is always an appeal to a specific person. A video aimed at a mass of people in general will not penetrate the mind of the target audience.
  • Use graphics and diagrams to illustrate different processes – this raises information to the expert level and increases confidence in it.
  • Cause a resonance, shock, boldly step on the “sore spot”. This is a guarantee that people will actively share this video with friends and comment.

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