Why is it called MariaDB?

MariaDB is named after Widenius’ younger daughter, Maria. (MySQL is named after his other daughter, My.)

What is meant by MariaDB?

MariaDB is an open source relational database management system (DBMS) that is a compatible drop-in replacement for the widely used MySQL database technology.

Why was MariaDB created?

It was primarily developed due to concerns that arose when MySQL was acquired by Oracle Inc. MariaDB is a general-purpose DBMS engineered with extensible architecture to support a broad set of use cases via pluggable storage engines. It uses different storage engines to support different use cases.

Why it is named as MySQL?

MySQL (/ˌmaɪˌɛsˌkjuːˈɛl/) is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). Its name is a combination of “My”, the name of co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter My, and “SQL”, the abbreviation for Structured Query Language.

What is difference between MariaDB and MySQL?

MySQL is the largest open source database community. MariaDB is a fork from MySQL and is 100% compatible with prior versions of MySQL. However, while the charter for MariaDB remains open source and cross-platform, the future is unclear for MySQL.

Is MariaDB faster than MySQL?

When it comes to performing queries or replication, MariaDB is faster than MySQL. So if you need a high-performance relational database solution, MariaDB is a good choice. In addition, MariaDB also easily supports a high concurrent number of connections without much performance degradation.

Does Google use MariaDB?

In its mission to provide a database that can handle any scale, any cloud, and any workload, MariaDB Corporation turned to Google Cloud to launch MariaDB SkySQL, its database as a service (DBaaS).

When did MySQL become MariaDB?

Who is MariaDB named after?

MariaDB continues this tradition by being named after his younger daughter, Maria. The name Maria was initially given to a storage engine. After MariaDB was started, to avoid confusion, it was renamed to Aria. The new name was decided as a result of a contest.

Who created MariaDB?

The MariaDB project is the brainchild of Michael “Monty” Widenius, the founder of MySQL®, Monty Program Ab (now MariaDB Corporation), and a founding member of the MariaDB Foundation.

Why is MySQL a dolphin?

The MySQL logo is a dolphin named Sakila. The name was chosen from a large list suggested by users during the “Name the Dolphin” contest. The winning name was submitted by Ambrose Twebaze, an open source software developer from Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Africa.

What is special about MariaDB?

It’s designed to be easily used by many various applications simultaneously. For example, you can use content system management, open-source, and a PHP-based gallery on the same webspace. The MariaDB database is well-tested, high-performing and secure to store all your information.

Is MariaDB replacing MySQL?

Yes, it is possible to replace MySQL with MariaDB. MariaDB is considered to be a drop-in replacement for the corresponding MySQL version (i.e MariaDB 10.2 and MySQL 5.7). Please review feature differences between MariaDB and MySQL to make sure the switch won’t affect applications using database server.

Why is MariaDB used?

The MariaDB database is used for various purposes such as data warehousing, e-commerce, enterprise-level features, and logging applications. MariaDB will efficiently enable you to meet all your workload; it works in any cloud database and works at any scale – small or large. What is a database?

What is MariaDB in Linux?

The MariaDB database is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server that consists of the MariaDB server daemon ( mysqld ) and many client programs and libraries. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the mariadb-server package provides MariaDB.

What kind of server is MariaDB?

MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open source relational databases. It’s made by the original developers of MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source. It is part of most cloud offerings and the default in most Linux distributions.

What is MariaDB in xampp?

MariaDB is an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL and is available under the terms of the GPL v2 license. It’s developed by the MariaDB community with the MariaDB Foundation as its main steward.

Is MariaDB good for big data?

MariaDB can be part of the database infrastructure for Big Data. It is not meant to be a replacement for Hadoop, but it can be a technology used in conjunction with it. Hadoop is used in batch, ad-hoc analysis. In projects that require the processing of Terabytes or Petabytes of data, Hadoop is definitely a good fit.

Is MariaDB same as SQL?

MariaDB vs. Basic SQL syntax is the same, but the way MariaDB stores data or handles functions is different . Each new version of MariaDB also has added features. The latest version of MariaDB has several new features and extensions.

What are the disadvantages of MariaDB?

Disadvantages. MariaDB is somewhat liable to bloating. Its central IDX log file, in particular, tends to become very large after protracted use, ultimately slowing performance. Caching is another area where MariaDB could use work—it is not as fast as it could be, which can be frustrating.

Should I learn MariaDB or MySQL?

The answer is “it depends”. MariaDB 10 has a few interesting features like optimizer statistics collection independent of engine statistics. However, MariaDB 10 has most of the features of MySQL 5.6, and the performance of MariaDB is very close to MySQL, if not the same.

Which companies are using MariaDB?

REAL BUSINESS RELIES ON MARIADB. ® Trusted by organizations such as Bandwidth, DigiCert, InfoArmor, Oppenheimer, Samsung, SelectQuote, SpendHQ – MariaDB meets the same core requirements as proprietary databases at a fraction of the cost.

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