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Adcod.com is a growing tech site where bloggers/authors from all around the world can publish their publications. Adcod.com allows every creative to share their writings with us. Our main focus is to bring as many topics as possible in technology-related fields.

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  • We have a good DA and PA scores.
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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Here are some steps which you need to follow for submitting your content

  • No Fluff or Plagiarized Content: We have a very strict policy of blocking such emails or site links which sent us any plagiarized content or keyword-stuffed article
  • Word count Requirement: Content needs to be user-friendly and the needs to be a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Reference links: Yes, outbound links can be added but only to authority sites and only spam-free ones.
  • Formatting: Structure your content with proper headings and subheadings
  • Images/Rich Media: Any rich media/images can be added but their reference links should be given below as credits.
  • Image: Provide a featured image with a source or use a royalty-free image from Pixabay or Unsplash.