Best RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites

It’s a known and indisputable fact nowadays that technology and the Internet make our lives better by the day. From where we eat to how we entertain ourselves, the impact they provide can be felt across all facets of our daily existence. Modern life has now become increasingly on the go. People now rarely sit on the couch to watch movies and series on their television sets. They have it on their mobile devices. Aside from various streaming apps available, downloading the latest shows through torrenting has become the norm. There are numerous torrent sites to choose from, and one particular crowd favorite is RARBG. The website offers high-quality content for free. This is the same reason why governments around the world are blocking it. But fret not, for here comes our handpicked RARBG proxy and mirror sites to provide you full access.

A Brief Background on RARBG

Before making it as one of the top torrent websites in the world, RARBG started from simple roots. The torrent site was founded in 2008 by a small community of torrent enthusiasts. It began as a torrent tracker based on Bulgaria. RARBG closed for one week in December 2008 just a short time after its launch. It was due to the legal pressure by BREIN, an association comprised of the Dutch movie studios and the recording industry. It re-opened and went online again shortly thereafter.

Slowly but surely, RARBG went up the torrenting ranks as it raked in more visitors through the following years. It has become a widely popular resource if you’re looking for top-quality torrent content. High-quality video files are the site’s specialty. It’s very passionate base of uploaders and users keep the site updated with the latest and greatest digital media releases. RARBG consistently ranks in the top five of TorrentFreak’s annual list of most popular torrent sites. In fact, it came in at fourth place in this year’s edition.

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Unfortunately, the success and patronage of RARBG also came with a price. Government watchdogs all over the world noticed the torrent site. As a result, various countries prohibited user access to the free content it offers. Saudi Arabia was the first to act on it in April 2014, followed by the United Kingdom in November of the same year. Many nations followed suit since then. As of May 2019, countries that have blocked RARBG are as follows:

  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Morocco
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Belgium
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • France


RARBG Website Design and Features

Despite such blockages and prohibitions, RARBG still survives today due to the support of its loyal followers and users. The website’s design along with its working features warrants this strong following. A simple and no-frills interface welcomes you to their home page. A login box is located on the top-left side where you input your account credentials. Beside it is a torrent client (uTorrent) shortcut button. This is very useful if you already have a .torrent file to open and start downloading with. The 7 content category links are lined-up on the left side (Movies, XXX, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software, and Non-XXX). Entertainment news links populate the middle of the page, which users can collapse and hide accordingly.

Clicking one of the category links will open the full home page. Recommended torrents represented by their movie posters are displayed on the top. Below is the site’s big search bar. Following closely is the expansive table list of torrents. These files can be sorted by date of upload, file size, number of seeders and leechers, as well as the uploader’s name.

However, clicking a torrent file to download will lead you to RARBG’s highlight site feature. The site has been lauded for providing a highly detailed description of each torrent content. Aside from the default information, RARBG shows several screenshots from the shows. It also includes links and ratings from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Metacritic. RARBG displays the show’s genre, cast, director, runtime, release date, as well as the plot synopsis. All of these help the user to decide whether downloading the file is worth the time or not.

Updated List of RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites

RARBG proxy and mirror sites are the fastest tools of choice whenever you want to access the blocked main domain. Mirror sites are created to take the place of the original site. In short, they are clones with a separate server and domain name. On the other side, proxy sites are intermediary servers that mediate requests between users and the Internet. They allow you to access specific websites without tracing you or your location.

Finally, here are the verified and manually tested RARBG proxy and mirror sites at your disposal:


How to Unblock RARBG Torrent Site

Aside from proxy and mirror sites, there are other ways to unblock the RARBG torrent website. You can set up a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN service works by bouncing your IP address with several other proxy IP addresses in its network tunnel. This process makes it hard for anyone to track your online activity.

Another option to consider is the Tor browser or “The Onion Router.” The Tor browser was originally developed by the US Navy to protect online US intelligence communications. Now a free and open-source software, it directs Internet traffic through an overlay network of more than seven thousand relays. This effectively conceals the usage and location of a user.


Best Alternatives to RARBG

  • YTS – The YTS YIFY website is ranked number one on TorrentFreak’s most popular torrent sites for 2019. YTS specializes in movies and is well-supported for its mixture of high-definition picture quality in small file sizes.
  • 1337x – 1337x offers a wide variety of torrent files and magnet links. All of which are highly organized and ranked on the website that serves as its main draw to picky users.
  • The Pirate Bay – Let’s face it, TPB is synonymous with torrents and torrenting. Hailed as the “galaxy’s most resilient torrent website,” it has avoided domain seizures and shutdowns time and again.


Final Thoughts on RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites

The list of RARBG proxy and mirror sites enumerated above are purely for informational purposes only. In no way does this site and article condone using such as channels to illegally download copyrighted content of any form.

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