Crypto price prediction for Enigma

Enigma platform is developed on the basis of Ethereum blockchain and aims at creating a base for investment projects. Enigma cryptocurrency has become a promising startup with a versatile character. Its protocol was originally designed to work with any blockchain, providing an off-chain solution for computing. The code is processed in the blockchain itself, where it has a public form, and in the Enigma network in private mode. An unusual project was launched by a group of Massachusetts programmers. They tried to eliminate the 2 main problems of modern cryptosystems such as excessive openness and limited progress.

Enigma creators assure that their brainchild is capable of calculating data without access to them and clearly demonstrating that all actions were performed as needed.

To prove their point, they released the Сatalist platform based on a new type of protocol that allows users to recommend, distribute, and exchange data for building investment strategies in the crypto field.

Analysts have different opinions on the Enigma project prospective. According to the majority of experts, the platform has significant potential and it is developing in a relevant area, which is expanding every day.

As of January 8, 2021, Enigma (ENG) value is $ 0.239605, with $ 15,472,014.00 market capitalization and $107,875.00 24-hour trading volume. 82.72 million ENG coins are in circulation currently with the total number of coins in the amount of 150.0 million coins.

Trading beasts` opinion on the ENG minimum price for 2021 is at $0.2959649 with a maximum value of $0.4352425. At the beginning of 2022, Enigma average value is forecasted at $0.3531202 while the highest value in 2022 is prognosed at $0.4414002, and the lowest one is to be $0.3001522.

Based on the ENG historical value data, Coinarbitragebot predicts the ENG price at $1.19093 at the end of 2021 and $1.45590 exactly one year later. In the next 3 years, the highest ENG value could reach $8.52267 and the lowest one could be $0.06343.

Enigma price prediction, in general, depends on whether the team can create the most efficient and cost-effective system for decentralized applications. Enigma is developed by an experienced team that has spent a long time analyzing the market conditions and studying user’s activity in investing matters. Thanks to this factor, the platform enlargement is moving in a demanded direction, offering users the most relevant tools and functions.

Large venture capital funds and companies have invested in Enigma, which also testifies to the potential of the platform. However, there are a number of negative factors that can affect Enigma`s future prospects such as competition with such projects as Santiment, Iconomi, and some other platforms which are focused on solving similar goals and objectives and a recent hacker`s attack, as a result of which certain data on the mailings were compromised.

In this context, investing in Enigma is of controversial interest. On the one hand, analysts emphasize the potential of the platform, on the other hand, the presence of risks, as well as other projects with similar features, reduces the opportunities for profit. It is recommended to pay attention to short-term deposits focused on the phased development of Enigma. Long-term investing can also become profitable; however, it is recommended to look for clear signals of successful and competitive development of the platform.

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