How Tech Has Altered the Casino Industry

How has technology changed our culture? Technology has had a significant impact on everybody’s lives. In a country like Norway, which has the wealth to make this technology available in the most remote areas, this is even more true.

The Apollo guidance computer had only 74 KB of RAM and 4KB of ROM. Compare that with an average smartphone today to see how far technology has come.

The casino industry has also changed to keep up with ever-changing, new technology. Our expert here, Benjamin Reppersen, helped explain how tech has changed the casino industry.

Technology has changed almost every aspect of modern culture. Internet-based services now allow us to do much more from the comfort of our living room. Tasks that would have seemed to belong to science fiction are now at our fingertips. It’s now possible to stream the latest film on the TV while grocery shopping from the sofa.

The relationship between tech and gambling mirrors this change. Developers make use of technology, ensuring the best possible services from online casinos. The Norwegian gambler knows that the online experience is equal to, or better than, that of a physical casino. Here is a short overview of the exciting technologies that have altered and improved the online casino experience.  Find here the best online gambling sites:


Casinos have made fair use of improvements to internet accessibility, speed, and reliability. They can now bring their offerings into customers’ homes. These days, even a farmer in a remote village can take advantage of the offerings at an online casino. The improved speed allows for the playing of more complex games. Online guides, such as beste nettcasino, serve to keep online players informed of what is on offer.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services drop the need to have copies of games on your device. This keeps the device’s memory free and improves the graphics’ speed and quality. By eliminating the need for servers, the casinos can give more consumers a better service at a lower cost.

Improved Devices

Now even smartphones and watches outstrip the power of a 1990s home computer. Developers have made use of this opportunity to put a casino into every player’s pocket. These devices now allow for more complex games and better graphics. With improvements to the internet and internet services, this makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Better Graphics

Improvements to devices and coding have allowed game developers to improve the graphics for games. Better graphics improve online casino users’ experiences. The improved graphics also allow for more complex and fast-paced games to be available.

Virtual Reality

Advances in VR and AR technology since 2016 have sparked the imagination of casino developers and customers alike. Expect to see games making use of this technology soon. Developers envisage an immersive experience for online users like visiting a casino.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

Casinos use RNGs for virtual card games and slots. The RNG spits out hundreds of random numbers per millisecond. The result will determine the card deal or the symbol on the reel of a slot machine. The RNG ensures that each spin of the slot, and each hand dealt, is random and unrelated.


Very recently, the only two forms of payment were cash or credit card. With the advent of Bitcoin, terms such as cryptocurrency and blockchain have become well known. Many casinos now use blockchain to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The customer now has a much more comprehensive range of payment options.


Land-based casinos still show an increase in revenue, but online providers are catching up. The improvements keep coming, providing an equal or better experience for online punters. The casino of the future is likely to look very different from what we have today.

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