iOS 15, it will be possible to disable automatic activation of night mode for photography

Apple will release iOS 15 this fall, a new version of its software platform for mobile devices. Probably, along with it, users will receive many new functions, one of which will be the ability to turn off the automatic activation of night photography mode.

It is worth noting that now users can turn off the night mode, but when the camera is used again, it will automatically turn on again. In iOS 15, it is enough to turn off night mode once, and the camera will work in this state until the user changes the settings.

Of course, night mode is a useful feature that allows you to take high-quality pictures in low light. However, there are times when it is activated in unsuitable conditions and the photos are worse than they could be. Disable night mode, as before, can be in the camera settings menu. If you need it again, it will be enough to activate the corresponding option.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only photography-related improvement in iOS 15. The developers have made a number of subtle changes that will contribute to the creation of high-quality photos. For example, we solved the problem with the appearance of green highlights in some photos taken outdoors. These innovations are available in the beta version of iOS 15, which is currently undergoing testing before launching to the masses.

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