My iPhone slow down after iOS 13 update – FIX

iPhone slow down after iOS 13 update

Apple company always try to improve and be ahead of her concurrent like Google Android or Ubuntu.  So to be always ahead, you need to update your iOS frequently, and the latest version is iOS 13 update for all iPhone users. All older iPhone users now can upgrade their phones to the newest iOS 13 version. But there are some …

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FireDL codes for Firestick | FireDL on Firestick

FireDL codes

FireDL on firestick: We’ve brought a new article regarding codes for firestick forward. The FireDL app can be found on Google Playstore and can be easily downloaded. You’ll be fascinated as to what purpose these codes function. We’ve come up with this report to aid you with the process of how to set up FireDL on firestick. (2021 July update). …

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Adobe GC Invoker Utility | Disable it at Startup?

gc invoker utility

Is there an Adobe GC Invoker Utility running at startup in the task manager? Do you understand what on earth it does on Windows 10, 7, 8? More often than not, many other Adobe procedures will run at startup also, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Updater Startup Utility, and AdobeGCClient.exe. Yes, this report will find all your doubts removed. …

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Learn a bit about mods in APKs


It is time for you to learn a little about mods in APKs so that you can take advantage of them on your device. You can know the objectives of these APKs and what kind of applications are included in the collection. Find out what an APK is, what modding is, and what the developers refer to when talking about …

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Using the iPad Along with a Computer

So far, we’ve been working under the assumption that you are working only with the iPad. That’s a legitimate choice, but that is an artificial requirement; you probably do have a regular computer sitting around somewhere that you could make use of if there was a good reason. The iPad is great on its own, but if you sometimes need …

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Advantages of switching from Windows to Mac

Many among us might be waiting to switch from their age-old PC that runs on Windows operating system to the popular Mac desktop computer or laptop, which has become a style statement nowadays. But still, there are many for whom buying a Mac computer remains a distant dream due to its price factor. And, some users are unwilling to switch …

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Best Windows Media Center Alternatives

Windows Media Center Alternatives

Microsoft’s Windows Media Center had been there for quite a while. Ever since it was first introduced in the year 2002. This media center has truly been like a friend for most early Windows early users. If you are a Windows user from the early twenty’s then it is most obvious that you have come across this awesome piece of …

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Best Filter Camera Apps for Mobile Devices

People around the globe, especially the young generation, are fond of camera filters. The filters add extra crisp to the photos and make them more captivating. However, before the inception of the camera filters, the photography wasn’t expeditious. One has to look at multiple factors from lightning to the background and more. But the camera filters have made it possible …

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