Top 5 Lesser Known Social Media Platforms For Your Small Business

So, you have just launched a business, and now it is your only source of income. Have you started your social media yet?

If not, then what are you waiting for?

In this day and age, social media having an online presence is much more crucial. It is not a choice anymore; it is quite a necessity if you want to get in direct touch with your loyal and potential customers.

Now, for someone who is already spreading their wings within each corner of social media, which applications are you most likely to use?

– Instagram.

– Tik Tok.

– Facebook.

– Twitter.

The kings and queens of social media, right?

However, did you know that there are other social media applications that can actually help you reach out to more customers? These are not that overused like the ones written above, but they have quite the following, according to statistics.

If you have already tried most of the known techniques and still you cannot find the desirable results, then it is time for some different techniques.

Lesser Known Social Media For Your Business

The best part about these given social media platforms is that they are niche centric, and through this, you can gain some niche superiority.

However, maintaining all these social media will need some automated tools. Download the best social media organizing tools from pirate proxy bay for free!

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is not always your first choice when you think about social media. However, did you know that there are more than 291 million monthly users of the application? If you have a website, you can optimize your blogs and post them on Pinterest as well.

The reason why you should try Pinterest today is the less pressure with following. On Pinterest, people rarely look at your social media profile or check your following. If your SEO is optimized, you will get organic clicks when someone searches for something you are providing, and your search result comes up first.

Pictures, themes, and animation do play a big role when it comes to Pinterest, so keep that in mind.

2. Tumbler

Another mind-blowing social media platform is filled with a passionate audience, but rarely any business owner plans on using it. There are more than 288 million visitors on Tumblr every month (according to the last 2022 estimation)/ So, so can you imagine the audience base you could be covering?

Tumblr users are very much into playing with aesthetic pictures and that entire vibe. So, if your niche is lifestyle base, and you offer products or services based on that, this is the perfect platform for you to venture into.

3. Youtube

Now, we all know youtube is a big deal, and this is a no less used platform. However, whenever business owners hear the term youtube, the first thing that comes to their mind is influencers.

It is like a money-making machine that wishes to vlog for the rest of their lives. Venturing into youtube will take some time for you to build an audience base, but imagine the exposure you can get.

The best thing about youtube is there is no age gap; from 6-60, everyone is consuming these videos. Plus, videos are much more psychologically effective marketing tools than others.

4. Yelp

Yes, not your very first thought!

We understand!

But, have you ever heard of something called word of mouth and how it can help businesses to grow? Well, Yelp is a digital word of mouth. There are more than 178 million visitors on Yelp every month.


Because customers are getting cleverer, they do not just believe in advertisements now. They also want to know what the other users have to say about a product before they go ahead and buy it.

To have a good reputation on Yelp, you have to build a strong customer service plan and try your best to satisfy their needs.

5. Quora

Quora is not exactly a social media application, but it is a social media website. This is the place where people ask any query and get a variety of answers from strangers. However, you can use it for your own business advantage.

For example, if you find someone looking for a product or solution which you provide, you can answer the question and take your chance to offer professional help.

However, ensure not to make your entire entry an advertisement. Offer genuine solutions, or you can be banned by the creators.

Get Set Social!

Now that you know five new social media which can help you grow your online audience, what are you waiting for?

Have a meeting with your social media team today, and get ready to brandish yourself more socially.

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