How to fix Instagram Story Views Not Showing (2022)

One of the ways to see how many people have watched your Instagram story is by checking the number of views in your story. The other way is to check the number of likes and comments on a particular post that you have shared on your Instagram Story. The number of people viewing your Instagram Story may not be updating or showing at all. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help get your story viewing set up the right way.

How to Solve Instagram Story Views Not Showing Issue in 2022

Instagram is working to fix this problem as we speak. However, there are a few things you can do in the meantime.

1. Close and then reopen the app

One way to improve the performance of your phone is to turn off your iOS app. To do this, swipe up on the phone’s home screen and flick left until you find the app. Now tap “Off” underneath it.

2. Log out of the app and close it.

The most common solutions proposed to fix problems with Instagram are to delete the app and download it again or reinstalling the app.

3. Switch off your phone

Restart your phone to fix the problem. You might need to reboot it regularly, too.

4. Uninstall the app.

To remedy this problem, you could try deleting the app and going to the App Store to download it again.

What is Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features on the app. You can put a photo or video that lasts for 24 hours and then disappears from your profile. Your Stories content really stands out in your feed. You can add as many stories to your account, followers will see them with a slideshow. Videos can be up to 15 seconds long, while photos are automatically shown for 7 second. When you submit a new Story, an orange and purple ring appears around your profile picture. This informs your followers that you’ve added a new content story to your site

Benefits of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a photo or video feed that only lasts for 24 hours before disappearing from your profile. There are, however, some benefits to using this feature and I’ll go over three of them.

  • Use how-tos and tutorials to educate your audience.

  • In your main feed, highlight the most recent posts.

  • Make your own announcements and news stories.

  • Informs your audience of upcoming content or items that should be posted.

  • Use polls, quizzes, and questions to communicate back and forth.

  • Promote deals and offers that are only available for a limited period.

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