Learn a bit about mods in APKs

It is time for you to learn a little about mods in APKs so that you can take advantage of them on your device. You can know the objectives of these APKs and what kind of applications are included in the collection. Find out what an APK is, what modding is, and what the developers refer to when talking about Modding APK.

With some of these basic MOOD APK terms, you can motivate yourself to create your own APKs. On the other hand, you can enter into context when differentiating an original App from the Play Store and an Apk.

What would an APK be?

The term APK refers to the “Android Package Kit” used to distribute and install applications outside of official servers such as the Android App Store. The apk complies with all the packages that an App needs to install on your mobile device without risks. You can also match APKs with the .exe programs you would use on your Windows computer.

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All the programs you use in Windows have an alternate version .exe in Windows that is lighter and error-free. On the other hand, all the apps available for your device have an apk that fulfills the same functions. If you have downloaded and installed a game or program in its APK version, you should know that you are using an “external load.”

What is a Modding?

Modding is a word that comes from the word MOD, which would mean “modify” for developers of programs for pc and mobile apps. The Modding was created to improve the experience of the person who uses the app on their mobile device or pc. These mods would be small adaptations made to Apps and games that a company has already developed.

A clear example of mods is in the GTA San Andreas game, where hundreds of players have adapted the gameplay. If you want the sky to turn dark in the game, you can do it with a Mod previously created by external developers.

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How could a Modding APK be made?

Now that you understand in theory that it is an apk and a modding, you may feel interested in the creation process. Even if you doubt it, creating the Modding APK is simple as long as you comply with the required steps. You have to modify the apps using special developer tools from your computer.

You can get into context what it’s like to tweak and rearrange the APK for your benefit and have an amazing program. A major XDA developer has created the “Modding and Theming APK” plan that addresses the issue in depth.

What is APKTool?

Another concept that you should consider is that of APKTool, which is linked to APK and Modding. There are various tools with which you can change the applications to modify them to your liking. Although the list is long, you can try using tools like APK Studio, ApkTool, or APK Easy Tool.

You can experiment with each of the APK tools and choose the one that suits you best. APKTool would be one of the most useful tools that you as a newbie should use.

Apktool for Modding
Apktool for Modding

Apktool for Modding

APKTool is a special tool for you to reverse engineer any official application. You can break the data of the original app and modify it at will.

It is important to know that you need all the official data to reorganize the app because many applications do not allow modifications. Therefore, you have to organize the app from the beginning and adjust it in the process. You can use the APKTool to get into the structure and automate other repeat jobs.

When you use this tool, you must consider that it is not developed to hack Apps or participate in illegal acts. You will not be able to use the tool to rearrange a game and then publish it for all your friends to download. You can only use the Apk for your benefit if you want to modify a game or an application for your mobile device.

One of the most interesting functions that you can do with APKTool is breaking the compatibility of the official app. You can make an App available only for Android to be installed on an iPhone device.

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APKTool Features

With APKTool, you can benefit from many features, whether you are an expert developer or a novice on the subject. APKTool stands out for:

  • You will be able to manage and organize the APKs depending on each file’s scheme.
  • APKTool allows you to disassemble the resources originally, and from there, you can modify them.
  • You will get help with repetitive tasks to make work go more smoothly.
  • You will have access to the files classes.dex, .arsc, XML and 9.png.
  • You will reconstruct the decoded data to binaries, for example, from APK to JAR.
  • You can choose to clean Smali quickly and safely.

Without a doubt, you will take advantage of the APKTool in addition to the fact that its platform of use is quite simple.

What must you have for the APKTool?

If you are looking to use the APKTool on your computer, you must have some extra things not to affect your experience. Even if you are not a professional Modding APK developer, you will have to adapt to extra tools. Among the programs that you will need to become familiar with are:

  • JRE 14.1: a method to run JAVA files.

The first resource that you need for the Modding APK is to know JRE 14.1. You should know a little about the software construction kit, Smali, and about automatic programming tools. You can search for JRE 14.1 information online and learn its basics in no time.

APKTool on your Android device
APKTool on your Android device

APKTool on your Android device

To be able to modify software wherever you are, you may need to learn how to use APKTool on your Android. Although the development application on your mobile is not as good as the desktop version, it will certainly serve you for work.

You should know that APKTool on Android may have some bugs, or its platform may be very limited. However, this software development application offers some functions to help you at work. With the APKTool on Android, you will compress and decompress files without being stuck on your Windows computer.

You will be able to edit your files while traveling, at work, or doing other activities away from home. The APKTool allows you to perform real tests on your phone, allowing you to see the progress of the work. The only limit you can see in this tool is that it does not allow you to edit the unzipped programs from your mobile.

You will only be able to encode the APK resources from your computer, although the APKTool on your mobile helps you move forward at work. You can also choose between APKTool and AAPT versions without problems.


When you access the APKTool tool on Android, you will notice that its platform is simple. You will have access to two types of menu settings assigned by a short and a long touch. With the short touch menu, you will work with the APK files and break down various functions.

To be able to use the APKTool on Android perfectly, you must have experience with the tool on your pc. You should not use the APKTool on your phone without knowing what its most relevant functions are.

When you unzip your APK file within the Android tool, you will not rewrite the resource. However, you can explore the data in the APK to familiarize yourself with software development. The performance of this APKTool depends on how good your mobile phone is.

If you want to edit a file within your mobile phone, you must select the editor option. After you edit the file and do all the fields you wish to, you must download the “MOD” version with APKTool. For you to have this extra app, you will have to hold down the menu section and change the file name.

To collect the APK, you must press the menu option and click on “Compilation.” With this step, you will be able to gather the resources of the app and the SMalis within the APK.

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How can I use the APKTool?

Now that you are convinced that the APKTool works, you can start the download and installation process. But you have to take into account some things such as:

  • You must download and install JDK 14.1 or later versions.
  • You must put the system symbols to work, check that the option is available while developing the software.
  • Download and install Java 8, refrain from using old versions such as Java 7.

Install APKTool on Windows

You have to fulfill a series of basic steps so that you can finally have APKTool on your Windows computer:

  1. You have to download the “Wrapper Script” from the official GitHub website. You should not accept copycat files because they would put your computer at risk.
  2. When the download is complete, you will have to download APKTool-2 in its latest version.
  3. With both files on your computer, you will have to rename the .jar file to apktool.jar for Windows to detect it.
  4. You have to cut both files at the following Windows address: C: // Windows. If you do not have the Windows address, you will only have to:

– Put both files anywhere on your computer. It can be on the desktop.

– You must add the PATH of the environment system to the directory of your computer.

– Run the “Apktool” program using the command symbols. To enter the option, press Windows + R and type “cmd.”


Now you can experiment in the world of APKs and modify your applications at will. They are knowledge that you as a computer programming enthusiast entertain you and help you develop new skills. You can dabble in creating APKs with APKTool, the most basic tool, and advance with other programs.

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