Top 5 Free Beat Making Software For Windows And Mac

There are plenty of music lovers as well as enthusiasts who want to make their career in music. Not every music lover has to become a singer or lyricist. There is way more technicalities included in a music which you must be aware of. The composition part is the backbone of any music, without which the music has no soul. The hip hop genre in music is encouraging the cool music lovers to start framing the beats through their system. In order to encourage these budding artists, there are many software through which they can make the beats for free. Let us explore in detail about some of the best software of this category.

Top 5 Free Beat Making Software For Windows And Mac

  1. FL Studio

    The full form of FL Studio is Fruity Loops Studio and is one of the best beat making software in the market. It is preferred over other similar software because of its accurate interface and quality. The best part about this software is that it is highly suitable for both professionals as well as beginners. It has many audio effects for the virtual beat making system. It has approximately thousands of loops and about 6000 sound variations. The effects like vintage, acoustic, and digital music are available for giving special effects to your hobby. It is a strong production tool through which you can easily remix your audio tracks, instrumental set up, and fuse the loops. It has copy and paste feature through which beginners can easily transform the audio tracks.


  2. Drumflow

    If you are beginner but extremely involved in beat making, then this is perfect for you. Drumflow software is compatible for Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and Mac OS X. It has professionally in built tools which can help you transform the audio tracks into your desirable sound tracks. The features are so amazing that any beat maker will love to use the detailed tools of this software.


  3. Garageband

    Garageband is perfect software for those who are used to working on Mac OS. It gives you a proper feel of your own virtual audio studio confined in your system. This is not just a beat maker but an all round developer and enhancer of your skill. You can learn to play an instrument, write music, record a song, and can upload the newly created master piece to any platform. This helps you to not only create the music instantly but also teaches you some other required skills. This software is better than the rest of the free beat making software. Every function of this is streamlined in such a way that the user does not face any difficulty while operating it. It has simple user interface, strong tools, and influencing software which adds bonus to your beat making experience. It has 50 virtual software instruments and you can take piano as well as guitar lessons from this software.


  4. Mixcraft

    Mixcraft is amazing beat maker software which suits both beginners as well as professionals, just like FL studio. It has perfect combination of all the technical stuffs related to music which can provide wholesome experience to interested users. This has more than 6000 sound effects including vintage, acoustic, and digital instrument sounds. The fusion of all these effects will generate a wonderful music. With this software you can rearrange the loops and indulge all your creativity for producing something powerful.




    MusE software is basically MIDI or audio sequencer with editing tools embedded in it. It has recording capacity with high definition sound effects. It is like a power packed virtual studio for every music enthusiast who loves to create own beats. The best part about this software is that you can code it yourself to make it useful as per your requirement. So if you have C++ knowledge apart from music, then this is perfect.

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