PUBG Mobile: Improve your game with these handy little tips

Player Unknown Battleground has been in circulation for the better part of a decade now, with many players knowing the maps by heart. More so, some experienced players can just hop on the game and execute those exotic moves like it’s nothing.

However, this may not be the case for many players who probably just got the game installed on their PC about a week ago. So, if you’re considering improving your gaming prowess in PUBG, do well to read through this article. Also, you can get the Best PUBG Hacks available if you encounter any difficulties in the game.

Tips to help you improve your PUBG game

1.    Know your roles before the game begins

When you get into the game as a team, each team member must have duties assigned to them. An important role in the team that should go to the team member with the highest accuracy is sniping.

The sniper should help provide the team with information about a place they’re about to enter. He has to also provide cover fire for other team members if they’re going to retrieve a drop. This will make it easier for your team to get the best results without having to do much.

2.    Plan ahead of the game

There are several things players have to decide before going into the main game. Failure to do this leaves players rushing to make hasty decisions in the heat of the game, leading to disastrous outcomes. Some important decisions to make include your landing position, your weapons, where you want your team to be located during the game, etc.

Once you have all the plans figured out, you just make sure your team members are aware of the arrangements. This will help you all to play with increased coordination to get the most out of the game.

3.    Make good use of the lobby.

Before going into most recent shooter games like PUBG, you’ll have to spend some time in the pre-game lobby. Your time spent in the lobby should help you put things in a position to help you during the game. You can use this time to tweak your settings to discover which ones favor you.

Also, use the lobby time to organize your team members, choose weapons, manage items in your inventory, and claim rewards. From the lobby, you can also select the kind of game you want to play.

4.    Make good use of camouflage.

When you first start in PUBG, you’ll have very little clothing on you. However, you can get some more clothing by unlocking it with real money or much later as you advance in the game. Moreover, an important thing you must consider when getting your clothing is the area you’re playing at.

Since you’d fancy having some fancy clothing on your character, they should have colors that easily match the background. It makes it not-so-easy for an enemy to sight you. So, if you’re playing in snowy environments like Vikendi, do well to get some white clothes on. On the other hand, dark clothes will do the job in Sanhok and Erangel.

5.    Peeking and pre-firing rocks

When you start playing PUBG, the peek option is turned off by default. You can change this in your game settings. You can also experiment with some of the options available for peeking. Peeking helps to reduce your risks of being hit as you can peek from a corner before getting exposed.

Also, pre-aiming helps you get a similar effect as when peeking. To pre-aim, you start firing your weapon before you’re sure of hitting the target. While firing, you should also be adjusting your crosshair onto the target. It helps you get your target unaware and makes your bullet travel faster.


Getting that much-anticipated dinner has never been a picnic experience for PUBG gamers. However, you may have had a fair share of a couple of them. Notwithstanding, your opponents won’t remain at the same level forever; you might get a tough time in your next match.

So, make sure you get the tips we have listed above. Among the tips listed, you’ll find valuable information on the kind of clothing you should use at different locations. Also, practice techniques such as peeking and pre-aiming to get some more kills without getting overly exposed.

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