No Response From Gameranger Server Error Fix

GameRanger is a free great tool that can help you to play games on your Windows computer. GameRanger can offer you to play more than 700 games online with your friends/colleagues all other the world. This great tool can offer you huge advantages like gamer profile, friends list, instant talk chats in-game, voice communications between players and much much more.  GameRanger is the best and longest-running service for multiplayer online games. All you need to know that GameRanger has more than 6 million registered members so you can choose and find a lot of new friends and play partners.

But then there are so many games and many peoples sometimes some errors can occur. There are some players who are facing this problem of gameranger no response from server or gameranger can’t connect to server. So today we will talk, how to fix this problem and let you enjoy playing online multiplayer games.

No Response From Gameranger Server Error Fix
No Response From Gameranger Server Error Fix

What is Gameranger Server

GameRanger Server is a software program that allows users to play multiplayer games online. It is developed by GameRanger Technologies, a company based in Australia.

GameRanger Server is used to host online multiplayer game servers, which players can join to play multiplayer games over the internet. The software supports a wide range of popular multiplayer games, including Age of Empires, Call of Duty, Diablo, and Starcraft.

To use GameRanger Server, players first need to download and install the software on their computer. They can then create a GameRanger account and log in to the software. From there, they can browse a list of available game servers and join one to start playing.

GameRanger Server also offers features such as in-game chat, game lobbies, and a friends list, which allow players to communicate and interact with each other while playing. The software is free to download and use, although some games may require a separate purchase to play online.

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Fix gameranger no response from server

This error can cause problem with connecting to gameranger server.  To fix No Response From Gameranger Server Error you need to follow these steps below:

1. Please make sure that your network connection is completely fine you can restart your router and computer to be absolutely sure. You may need to check with your ISP or network administrator to make sure your Proxy Settings are connected.

2. After your router and computer reboot, please try to surf online and check if the internet is working fine.

3. Please make sure that your Firewall is disabled and the router has all open ports you need.

4. You have to check that gameranger web URL could be pinged. Go to the command prompt and further you have to run the ping –t <the required url> – and you need to just press the ctrl+C for the cancellation.

5. Now you have to disable all of your antivirus, malware and any other protectors and also the firewalls.

6. Give it a try now.

7. You will notice that your problem got resolved.

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Also, one extra tip on how to block ads on Gameranger

This guide will show you how to disable annoying/constantly causing crashes ads.

  1. Open text editor as admin.
  2. Go to File>Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open hosts file. *
  3. At the end of file paste:
  4. Save this file and restart GameRanger.
  5. Ads should be gone.

* This folder may be invisible.

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I hope that Game Ranger is now working just fine and yet again you can play all these good games online:

  • Age of Empires 2 – Play online multiplayer
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Play multiplayer lan
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  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted – How do you play this game with friends
  • Worms World Party – How do you play this game with friends
  • Stronghold – How to Host a LAN Game
  • Need for Speed: Underground 2 – Play online multiplayer
  • Age of Empires 3 – Play online multiplayer
  • Call of Duty 2 – Play multiplayer lan
  • Battlefield 1942 – Play multiplayer lan
  • Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – How do you play this game with friends
  • Dungeon Siege – How to Host a LAN Game
  • FIFA – How to Host a LAN Game
  • Ghost Recon – Play online multiplayer
  • Quake III – How do you play this game with friends
  • The Settlers – Play multiplayer lan
  • Serious Sam – How to Host a LAN Game
  • Star Wars – How to Host a LAN Game
  • Warhammer – How do you play this game with friends

If you are getting a “no response from the server” error message when trying to connect to a game server on GameRanger, it could be due to several reasons. Here are a few possible solutions that you can try:

  1. Check your internet connection: Make sure that your internet connection is stable and working properly. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting to your network, or restarting your router to see if that fixes the issue.
  2. Restart the GameRanger software: Sometimes, restarting the GameRanger software can help fix this issue. To do this, click on the File menu in the GameRanger software and select the Quit option. Then, reopen the software and try connecting to the game server again.
  3. Check the game server status: It’s possible that the game server you are trying to connect to is down or experiencing technical issues. You can check the status of the game server by going to the GameRanger website and looking for the server in the list of available game servers. If the server is offline, you may need to wait until it is back online to connect.
  4. Contact GameRanger support: If the above steps do not help, you may need to contact GameRanger support for assistance. You can do this by going to the GameRanger website and clicking on the Contact Us link in the footer. Provide as much detail as possible about the issue you are experiencing, and the GameRanger support team will help you troubleshoot the problem.


I hope this article helped you to fix this error gameranger no response from the server. If no please share in a comment box below and we will try to help you fix all game ranger problems.

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