How to fix Teamviewer not running on partner computer

TeamViewer is a proprietary computer program that facilitates remote management, online gaming, desktop sharing, web conferencing and document exchange between computers. TeamViewer enjoys widespread adoption by consumers on a vast selection of platforms, allowing people to connect on the broadest array of programs across diverse technologies.

Every once in a while there are many reports from people who are suffering from Teamviewer is not running on a partner computer and you might be one of them. There are solutions for the problem a connection could not be established Teamviewer not running on partner computer and they are listed below in this article.

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Before we start

If you’re being trying to create a relationship between the remote computer by means of TeamViewer you should make sure that both the computers have an Internet connection. You then can check that the application is functioning or not.

If you find that the TeamViewer is not able to operate on the other computer then you can request somebody else to run it and make a connection between both the computers. If you are in a condition that each the conditions are from the favorable conditions but you’re still not able to connect the computers using TeamViewer then there’s a possibility that you may not have an online connection that is stable. During the peak hours which has the night, the online connection might not work correctly and you should try and establish a connection through the afternoon and you may find the computers connected using TeamViewer.  If all of this does not work for you then you can attempt to use this solution that we’ve mentioned.

Solution – 1. TeamViewer not running on partner computer – fix

To solve this error first you should open Run command (windows button + R button )and type cmd
 then you will see a window like below


Then type services.msc and you will see the windows services window
Now restart the Team viewer service by giving a right-click on it.
you can view it in below image
This should help and now Teamviewer should work.

Solution – 2

  1. First of all, you have to close the TeamViewer.
  2. Then you have to open the start menu, after that Run dialogue box and further type “%appdata%” and at last you have to press enter.
  3. After that, you have to locate the TeamViewer folder and you have to delete all the contents in it.
  4. If you use the LAN, then you can change the IP address of the computer of yours.
  5. Now you have to restart the system and you need to try to run the TeamViewer.

Solution – 3

  1. Try to reinstall Take Control on the other computer (partner computer) and retry the service. If this doesn’t work, proceed to step ii
  2. Disable Take Control for an individual device by logging-in to the dashboard
  3. Right-click on the target device from the north panel and select Edit server or Edit Workstation option
  4. Choose Remote Access
  5. Toggle the Take Control Configuration section setting to off
  6. Click ok and save the changes
  7. Right-click the device in the north panel and choose run checks to communicate the effected changes to the device
  8. As soon as the checks have been run, head to the summary tab in the south panel and ensure that the Take Control is displayed as Not installed
  9. Next, proceed to remove Take Control and Team viewer entries on the device by opening programs and features in the control panel
  10. Remove any entries labelled as Take Control or TeamViewer
  11. After that process is complete, head to C:\Program Files (x86 if 64bit)\Advanced Monitoring Agent (GP if Group Policy)\featureres
  12. Delete all takecontrol_*_setup.exe files
  13. Next, press start, select Run and enter regedit
  14. Navigate to the following locations depending on the type of your device.


64bit: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node

  1. Remove all TeamViewer or Take Control entries
  2. Once, you have successfully removed all the Take Control entries, enable Take Control for each device on the dashboard by logging-on to the dashboard

Right-click on the target device from the north panel and select Edit server or Edit Workstation option

  1. Choose Remote Access
  2. Toggle the Take Control Configuration section setting to on
  3. Click ok and save the changes
  4. Right-click the device in the north panel and choose run checks to communicate the effected changes to the device
  5. As soon as the checks have been run, head to the summary tab in the south panel and ensure that the Take Control is displayed as Active


Hope these tips helped you.

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