How to Speed Up Your Broadband Speed Performance

Very poor performance in broadband speeds can easily turn annoying especially at your broadband options service provider. However, there could be the possibility of other underlying factors that could be at play other than just your service provider. The issues could range from the home setup you have to the quality of your cables or even network congestion. The result is that webpages get a lot slower in loading than usual and downloads take a longer time than usual to complete. There are many underlying reasons as to why your internet speeds could be slowed down or reduced in performance.

How to Speed Up Your Broadband Speed Performance

1. Wireless versus cable connections

Essentially, hard-wired broadband connections perform way better than Wi-Fi connections because enjoying your internet services over Wi-Fi could be hindered by a number of issues like Wi-Fi network quality, the location of the router and the speed. Even though Wi-Fi speeds could go up to speeds of 860Mbps, it still cannot match the speeds offered by Ethernet cable connections that can essentially offer you speeds of up to 10Gbps over a Cat 6 cable. Therefore, to be able to increase the broadband speed performance, it is more advisable to make use of a cat 6 cable that runs through your house to experience the best of speed and performance.

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2. Hardware

Your broadband’s speed performance largely depends on the kind of network equipment you have installed in your premises like the cables and routers. It is important to seek the best equipment while setting up your network because it is typical for Ethernet broadband connections to be faster than Wi-Fi connections. Furthermore, your laptop, CPU or mobile devices could be having slower processors. Slower processors are detrimental to experiencing better speed performances from broadband services since they put the brakes on the connection thus always ensure that you acquire recent and faster devices to enjoy faster connectivity.

3. Viruses and malware

In unfortunate instances where your devices have been intruded by viruses and malware, they could easily be slowed down and also start running in the background. Such background operations connect your devices to the internet even without getting your permission, which might end up draining your devices’ resources. It is necessary that you take the appropriate precautions by installing antivirus programs to prevent malware from accessing the internet without your permission and hogging your bandwidth. Take the necessary precautions while opening email attachments by using security software.

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4. Network congestion

When a lot of people are connected to your broadband network, high chances are that the internet speeds will be slowed down by a great margin. Instances, where networks may experience congestion, include during the peak hours when everyone has some time on their hands especially after work or crowded public Wi-Fi. The best way to avert this problem is by controlling the number of users or devices that log on to your network at one given point. However, you can consider getting yourself modern routers or broadband choices that have the ability to handle multiple users at one go without breaking a sweat.

5. The host server

While continuing with your surfing routine online, you are bound to come across different sites, meaning that you are actually logging into some host servers from where the site you are browsing is located. Therefore, if the host server for that site is not correctly configured or underpowered, chances are that the site is going to be slower than usual. In case this happens, find another site that runs better to get the information you need.


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