How To Fix Print Spooler Keeps Stopping On Windows 10

A print spooler may be a bridge between your PC and therefore the printer. It helps you to send data from your computer to the printer for printing. it’s software present in your pc which creates the connection between both of them. If the print spooler stops working then your PC won’t be ready to send data to the printer and therefore the printer won’t be ready to print it out. It also manages multiple printing jobs. If you command their pc print multiple files it’ll arrange them during a proper manner to urge printed. The print spooler is liable for the management of those jobs.

It also provides the feature of reviewing the print status of the documents. you’ll review the time it’ll take or which document it’s printing at that time in time; also, you’ll cancel the printing job through the pc itself. because it handles multiple commands at an equivalent time it can lack. People complain about their print spooler stopping. Your print jobs may grind to a halt within the queue and couldn’t proceed. due to this, your data may become corrupt. during this article, you’ll be ready to fix this error.

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Why Does The Print Spooler Stop?

More than one printers– when there’s quite one printer is connected to your PC then the prince pooler may confuse between the 2 and pack up. due to the increased load, the prince pooler may go slowly and thanks to some crashing, it’ll pack up . the answer is often and installing the printers that you simply don’t use or are of the smallest amount use.

Folders- folders play an enormous role during a perfectly working print spooler. A print spooler is understood to save lots of data in its folder in order that it can copy it and send it to the printer. this is often why after an extended time the print spoolers folders tend to clutter and make it harder for it to figure. Maybe the print spooler’s folders are stacked up which is why it stops. due to that deteriorating space within the folders, the print spooler might not be ready to copy new data from the pc and send it to the printer.

Drivers- sometimes the printer drivers aren’t up so far due to which it cannot provide you it’s optimum service. it’ll lack and may stop during a task. All you would like to try to do is update your drivers.

How To Fix Print Spooler Keeps Stopping On Windows 10?

People complain about the print spooler keeps stopping on Windows 10. Well, there are several methods through which you’ll fix this issue. There are different methods to repair this issue on windows 10. Some Windows 7 users also complain about the windows 7 print spooler keeps stopping. Let’s advance to the methods.

Method 1- Restart

Step 1- press windows key+r to open the run dialogue box.

Step 2– Type “services.msc” a replacement window will open named the services window.


Step 3- therein window, you’ll see many services listed. Find the print spooler service.

Step 4– click thereon and you’ll see two options on the left-hand side of the window. One is going to be stopped the service and 2nd will restart the service.

Step 5- click on restart the service option.

Method 2– Files

Step 1- first of all press the windows key+r button and begin the run dialogue box.

Step 2– then type “services.msc” and press enter.

Step 3- it’ll again take you back to the services window and you’ve got to settle on the print spooler option.

Step 4– now click on the stop the services button.

Step 5- again click on the Windows logo key and press alphabet E at an equivalent time. it’ll open the Windows file explorer.

Step 6– attend this location- C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Spool\PRINTERS:

Step 7- inside the folder if you’ll see and other folders confirm to delete them.

Step 8– again open the run panel .

Step 9- now type control within the search bar and press enter.

Step 10- the instrument panel window will open. Under the hardware and sound option, you’ll be ready to see two links. Click on the View devices and printers link.

Step 11- right-click on your printer and click on remove the device.

Step 12- now again attend the services window and click on on print spooler. Click on start the service option placed on the left-hand side of the window.

Step 13- now again return to the instrument panel window. there’ll be many printers enlisted but click on the blank area of the window and press add a printer. By this, you’ll re-install your printer and it’ll start working again.

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Method 3– Driver

Step 1- right-click on the beginning button.

Step 2- look for the device manager option and click on thereon.

Step 3- when the device manager window opens, look for the printer option.

Step 4- now click on the printer option. Under the dropdown menu search for your printer and right-click thereon.

Step 5- then click on the update driver.

Step 6- if there’s an update in your PC then click on the manual option and if not then click on automatic. it’ll automatically look for an updated version of the driving force installed on your PC.

it’ll also automatically update it then you’re good to travel.

The Bottom Line

We have shared all working methods to repair Print Spooler Keeps Stopping Issue on Windows 10. If you’re still facing the error on your Windows 10 then comment below.

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